Local Shirriff candidate withdraws!

Post date: Dec 08, 2010 9:59:7 AM

The election committee was contacted by Master Meregrim Shortfellow, who was listed as one of the candidates for Local Shirriff. The committee was pleased to hear from him as they had tried to contact him on several occassions.

Unfortunately Master Meregrim had sad news: He could not continue to be a candidate, let alone perform his duties when elected, due to a severe lack of time on his behalf.

So this leaves the voters to choose one out of two candidates for Shirriff: one being Master Merebald Shortfellow, Meregrim's brother, and Miss Nimelia Stoutfoot.

The two candidates for deputy mayor are, as you may have read elsewhere, Masters Byronbrand Stepwise and Hamwick Noakes.