A referendum

New ideas, new people and new elections

It has been just over a year now, since Bramblebury elected its first deputy mayor and deputy shirriff. And how quick the year passes. Yet the deputy mayor's term is nearing and end....

An end ? It is not until coming Yule that the office expires ! But the truth of the matter is that I like and need to spend more time in my garden; and the office is taking up too much of my time (particular the pie tax collection is rather cumbersome as you need to sample it). Yes... I, Byronbrand Stepwise am resigning. The time has come for another excellent hobbit to take over the position of Deputy Mayor of Bramblebury ! It is only fair after all.

And with the influx of new inhabitants, we also see new ideas and a diversity of issues that are readily pressing the political, artistic and culinary scenes and demanding representation!

So, time for new elections ! Until that time I will faithfully remain your deputy mayor. So no time for goodbye speeches until that moment arrives !

Allow people from outside Bramblebury into the election ?

It so happens to be that many of the Brambleburian's kin, friends and fellows live in aligning villages. And it became clear as sugar water in a cup that we have many things in common - pie for one - tea for two, and general merry making for the most. Members from other neighborhoods have expressed a desire to join in with the election and be represented. Even Brambleburians have suggested candidates to be picked from outside of Bramblebury. 

This raises questions: can people from one village vote for and influence matters in other neighborhoods ? Can candidates ( much like the case with the deputy shirriff position ) come from outside of Bramblebury ? 

Extend the authority of the deputy mayor ?

Particular from Ando's End we have heard many request to cooperate and even extend the influence of the Bramblebury deputy mayor to their own village. And pretty much for the same reasons as above. After a heavy night of post Green Dragon night drinking - many from Ando's End were delighted with the idea.

But can the folks from Ando's End not hold their own elections ? Or is it better to safe time and pie ( is that an argument against ? ) and have one deputy mayor to represent them all ?

A solution ?

O dear. Confusing is it not ? I do not have the authority to decide on such complicated questions. And I feel we need to go one step at a time. But I do have the responsibility to voice such matters. And I feel is it wiser to reduce this intricate tissue of even more tissues into a pair of simple questions.

Referendum Sunday 29th January

Therefor... all inhabitants from Brambebury and Ando's End are invited to participate with a referendum. We feel it is an excellent democratic instrument to census the opinion of all citizens of our fine neighborhoods. The referendum will offer two simple questions:

1. First question to the Bramblebury inhabitants:

Do we allow the position of the deputy mayor to be fulfilled by hobbits other then those who live in Bramblebury ?

If more than half of us say yes, then the next election will be open to all Hobbits from the Shire.

2. Second question to the Bramblebury and Ando's End inhabitants

Do we ( from Bramblebury  ) and you ( from Ando's End ) prefer to run a joint election and choose one deputy mayor for both villages ?

If more than half of the Brambleburians AND more than half of the people from Ando's End give a yes, we will have a joint election for one deputy mayor.

And what about the elections then ? How will it be organized ?

An election committee will organize the new elections, based on the outcome of the referendum.

Remember that the position of deputy shirrif is (at least for Bramblebury) not open for election, as Nimelia Stoutfoot will end her full term coming Yule ( next year). Unless... she decides to run for deputy mayor herself... but I will be the last to pressure her in taking up such a wonderful carrier opportunity.

What does a deputy mayor do ?

Among others:

- listen to the people; act on behalf of the people;

- try and put his or her manifest into policy 

See last year's vacancy for more inspiring details.