What if a month.. - Gazette Issue 2&3 - 1423 S.R.

I was thinking of a very old song by Thomas Champion that starts with the line: What if a day, or a month, or a yeare..
And it made me think: What if a month was named after it's most outstanding day? Then I am pretty sure that February would be called Sweetheart's month and March Bullroarer's  Month!

And we celebrate all those special days, ofcourse! We had a Romance Dance Night and we will have a Bullroarer Took Friday this year. And there were and will be many more gatherings ofcourse: like fishing for trouts, and concerts in the OAKS series every month and the usual social gatherings in Michel Delving and Bywater. All are announced in this very newspaper, the Bramblebury Gazette.

This month we need to be careful again because of the fiddling with the clocks. Town-hole must have an entire filing cabinet filled with letters about that subject by now, many written by me, pleading to have the clock changing on the same date on each side of the Big Pond. But do they listen to that? I fear not.

In fact, I would not be surprised if that filing cabinet ...

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Fishing Contest: Annual Salmon run, Brockenborings
Tribute to Northmen, a concert.
More info
Election of the Shire May Queen and king
More info
19:30Green Dragon Friday nine years, warmup party
More info
Third Forest of OAKS
More info soon
Pie Shop Lads (and Lassies) in Stock
More info
Green Dragon Friday nine years, main party
More info
Pie Shop Lads (and Lassies) in Frogmorton
More info


 19:30Night of the Muses
Michel Delving, Eldar Monument
May  19:30
Bird & Baby Yard Party
Michel Delving, Bird & Baby Inn
May  19:30 Green Dragon Friday
Bywater, Green Dragon Inn
May  19:30 Hobbit Market
Michel Delving, Crafter's Square
May  19:30 Hobbit Market
Michel Delving, Crafter's Square
May 19:30Night of the Muses
Michel Delving, Eldar monument
May  19:30 Bird & Baby Yard Party
Michel Delving, Bird & Baby Inn
May  19:30 Green Dragon Friday, warmup party
Bywater, Green Dragon Inn

For more events and information make sure to check the Hobbitcalendar!
All the above times are UK time. To get Servertime subtract 5

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A thriving community of friendly hobbits, bustling with activity. Home and namesake of the Bramblebury Gazette and the Museum of Hunting and Fishing.

The quiet village of Elderglen is situated in a peacefull mountain valley in the Southfarthing. Home of the Elderglen Games.

Situated perfectly amongst the hills and vales of the River Har & Har Lake is the small, Southfarthing village of Harville.

Nestled among mature apple trees, cedars and ancient Shire oaks, the tiny village of Oldfurlong is located in the Southfarthing.
Home of the OAKS (Oldfurlong Amazing Koncert Series)

#Home, home, sweet home, sweet home
There’s no place like home, oh there’s no place like home#
Songburrow is the home of the Songburrow Strollers.