About Oldfurlong:
Nestled among mature apple trees, cedars and ancient Shire oaks, the tiny village of Oldfurlong is located in the Southfarthing. This delightful and charming rural hamlet is the home of many lovely hobbits, distinguished members of Shire's life. A vibrant and friendly community, it is not unusual for neighbors to meet and visit each others for a cup or tea and a muffin or five. Quiet country lanes with apple and pears orchards on either side will lead you to the main square. Here it is worth stopping and having a wander around Oldfurlong back streets and little shop, and we recommend a visit to the Water Mill. Oldfurlong is well renowned for its lake and stream, a heaven for every hobbit angler. Oldurlong, our home, a true gem in the Shire crown! (Text by Amorey Sweetrose-TookBard of the Shire)

No current officials or representatives. Former officials:

Wiberic Tentoes, (Deputy Mayor July 2012 - July 2013) stepped down from office.
Mellam Hollytoes, Local Shirriff (elected October 2012, left Oldfurlong recently)
Rosafina Diggle and Allegretta Aleford, Clerks (May 2014 - May 2015)

The Oldfurlong Water Mill

Organisations linked to Oldfurlong:
The Andune Ensemble (kinship)
Carednoss (kinship)
A Bridge Too Far (kinship)
OAKS, the Oldfurlong Amazing Koncert Series

Articles from Oldfurlong:

People of Oldfurlong:
as per March 11, 2014. (Updated with the aid of Mrs Toadflax Nosely)
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