More victims of overzeallous ruling - Gazette Issue 9 - 1424 S.R.

I'm most angry at our Mayor! But let me start with what happened last night..

Here I was, in Oldfurlong visiting the excellent concert of the Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band, when all of a sudden the singer lost her voice. It was not a sore throat or laryngitis. No, she was punished for repeating the same words too often in a short period of time. Such are the rules of our idiot Mayor: We can no longer sing the same line again and again, even if the music and lyrics so dictate. It is punishable by losing your voice for an entire day, 24 hours!

He claims this rule serves a higher purpose, but it affects normal daily life too extremely. Well, especially if you are a musician or a lover of music. And it happens time and time again. Last night was no incident! Good friends of mine and fellow bandmembers fell victim of this and one of them is now so angry that she has locked herself into her burrow, vowing not to come out until this no-repeats rule will be lifted. Last night it happened to an lady elf minstrel, visiting our lands with her band. And bystanders gave evidence of similar incidents that they had witnessed.

Whatever will be next?


 19:30the Search for Toolman's Treasure
More info
 19:00Start of the Harnkegger Games, that will last all week
More info


 19:30Night of the Muses
Michel Delving, Eldar Monument
September  19:30
Bird & Baby Yard Party
Michel Delving, Bird & Baby Inn
September  19:30 Green Dragon Friday
Bywater, Green Dragon Inn
September  19:30 Hobbit Market
Michel Delving, Crafter's Square
September  19:30 Hobbit Market
Michel Delving, Crafter's Square
September 19:30Night of the Muses
Michel Delving, Eldar monument
September  19:30 Bird & Baby Yard Party
Michel Delving, Bird & Baby Inn
September  19:30 Green Dragon Friday
Bywater, Green Dragon Inn

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A thriving community of friendly hobbits, bustling with activity. Home and namesake of the Bramblebury Gazette and the Museum of Hunting and Fishing.

The quiet village of Elderglen is situated in a peacefull mountain valley in the Southfarthing. Home of the Elderglen Games.

Situated perfectly amongst the hills and vales of the River Har & Har Lake is the small, Southfarthing village of Harville.

Nestled among mature apple trees, cedars and ancient Shire oaks, the tiny village of Oldfurlong is located in the Southfarthing.
Home of the OAKS (Oldfurlong Amazing Koncert Series)

#Home, home, sweet home, sweet home
There’s no place like home, oh there’s no place like home#
Songburrow is the home of the Songburrow Strollers.