A fine evening at the Ivy Bush - Gazette Issue 10 - 1424 S.R.

Before I tell you about developments in clock fiddling, let me tell you something else: the dwarven Harnkegger Games have been concluded and peace and quiet has returned to the Shire. To be honest, most of the activities were NOT in the Shire, but some were. So if you have seen large groups running, walking or even swimming in the Brandywine river, you have likely witnessed an event of the Harnkegger Games. Another Shire-based event, and one of my favourite ones, was a poetry and storytelling contest held in the Ivy Bush. And it is why I brought up the Games in the first place.

Many people of all races visited the Ivy Bush that night. Among the contestants for best poem or story were a number of hobbits, as well as dwarves and an (elf?)woman. They were given 3 minutes each and especially the storytellers were struggling to stick to that rule. But the overall quality was amazing! SO much so that I would like to share them with you, our readers, with the consent of their creators, ofcourse.

So I asked all participants to send in their poem or story for inclusion in our Art's Corner (as you know: no need to bribe our editor of the muses, Art!). It was quite noisy in the Inn, so twice I climbed the stage to do my request. A few have already sent their work, the others either haven't or it is lying somewhere in a QuickPost Office and may or may not appear in the near future. But three times is a charm, so I do my request one last time, right here: Poets and storytellers of the Harnkegger games 2018, would you please share your entry with the readers of the Bramblebury Gazette and send it to our office? Include a sketch if you like, but this is not mandatory.

Now then, when Issue 10 comes out, we are nearing the moment again that...


 19:30a fishing contest!
More info later
 19:30a scary party
More info later
 20:00November OAKS
More info later


 19:30Night of the Muses
Michel Delving, Eldar Monument
October  19:30
Bird & Baby Yard Party
Michel Delving, Bird & Baby Inn
October  19:30 Green Dragon Friday
Bywater, Green Dragon Inn
October  19:30 Hobbit Market
Michel Delving, Crafter's Square
October  19:30 Hobbit Market
Michel Delving, Crafter's Square
October 19:30Night of the Muses
Michel Delving, Eldar monument
October  19:30 Bird & Baby Yard Party
Michel Delving, Bird & Baby Inn
October  19:30 Green Dragon Friday
Bywater, Green Dragon Inn

For more events and information make sure to check the Hobbitcalendar!
All the above times are UK time. To get Servertime subtract 5

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