Upon that Night when Fairies light... - Issue 10&11 - 1426 S.R.

Finally, another editorial! Sorry about the lack of those these past few months. I blame a mild(?) case of writer's block.

You will have noticed that several events around November 1st, have a spooky theme! This is because of Halloween or, by it's old name Samhain (/ˈsɑːwɪn, ˈsɪn/). The first line of my editorial is a quote from the poem Halloween by poet Robert Burns. Basically Halloween is a feast to celebrate harvest coming in and the dark days of Winter lying ahead.
I've heard farmers all around the Shire saying that the harvests were plentyful and so there is enough reason to be cheerful. So why the dreariness and gloom? It is said that this is to scare off the bad spirits. By acting more scary than they are, we hope to chase them off and keep the harvests safe to get us through Winter. So please, help out and dress up so your own mother would not recognise you and the poor lass might even faint. But it is not about scaring your mothers and mother-in-laws (however tempting that might be), it is to drive any bad spirits away. Remember that and be nice to your own kin!

It seems that in spite of me not warning about...


Hobbit Yule drawing, part 1
More info
Hobbit Yule drawing, part 2
More info soon
Songburrow Yule tree raising
More info later
December OAKS
More info later


 19:30 Hobbit Market
Michel Delving, Crafter's Square
 19:30 Hobbit Market
Michel Delving, Crafter's Square
 19:30 Night of the Muses
Michel Delving, Eldar Monument
 19:30 Green Dragon Friday
Hobbiton-Bywater, Green Dragon Inn
 19:30 Night of the Muses
Michel Delving, Eldar monument

 19:30 Green Dragon Friday Hobbiton-Bywater, Green Dragon Inn

For more events and information make sure to check the Hobbitcalendar!
All the above times are UK time. To get Servertime subtract 5.

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A thriving community of friendly hobbits, bustling with activity. Home and namesake of the Bramblebury Gazette and the Museum of Hunting and Fishing.

The quiet village of Elderglen is situated in a peacefull mountain valley in the Southfarthing. Home of the Elderglen Games.

Situated perfectly amongst the hills and vales of the River Har & Har Lake is the small, Southfarthing village of Harville.

Nestled among mature apple trees, cedars and ancient Shire oaks, the tiny village of Oldfurlong is located in the Southfarthing.
Home of the OAKS (Oldfurlong Amazing Koncert Series)

#Home, home, sweet home, sweet home
There’s no place like home, oh there’s no place like home#
Songburrow is the home of the Songburrow Strollers.