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Bramblebury Elections 2010

In these pages you will find everything concerning the elections for Deputy Mayor and  Local Shirriff of Bramblebury. Please  check the advertisement section to check on what the requirements for each function are.
The elections were held at the request of the  Mayor of Michel Delving who had indicated he has no time anymore to handle all the newly added Homesteads.
Every visitor of the election event had the right to vote, one vote for a deputy mayor candidate and one vote for a local shirriff candidate.
The date  and the method of voting can be found in an article below.
Now that the elections are behind us these articles will be kept here in archive.
By some clever magic, even moving pictures of the election can be found.

Byronbrand elected Deputy Mayor, Nimelia Local Shirriff

posted Dec 20, 2010, 2:37 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Dec 24, 2010, 2:41 AM by Bovso Oakengates ]

December 19th, election night in Bramblebury. A night to never forget!
But what counts is the outcome of the voting: Our new Deputy Mayor is Byronbrand Stepwise and as Local Shirriff was appointed Nimelia Stoutfoot.We wish them both good fortune and wisdom in their new jobs!
But also we'd like to express our appreciation for the other candidates in this election, the ones who did not make it: Merebald and Meregrim Shortfellow and Hamwick Noakes. Even if they did not get elected, these hobbits had the courage to enter the election as candidate. They made the effort, but unfortunately did not succeed.

On election night, many showed up to give their support to their favourite candidate. To start the evening off, there was a debate between the two candidates for mayor. These gentlehobbits had not met each other before and little was known about the plans of Master Noakes for the future of Bramblebury. But in the debate they had the chance to express such plans and to answer questions from the public. The public, the voters, had the chance not only to interrogate the candidates on issues that were important for them, but got more information to base their important decision on: who will lead and guide our community in the time to come!

During the actual voting there was musical entertainment by a variety of performers and nice fresh pies were served to the guests by charming Miss Ylissa. Voters lined up in an orderly fashion before the polling station and one by one they entrusted their votes to Miss Yola, who wrote them down on her list. The polling station was kept open just a bit longer, as word arrived that more voters were on their way to Bramblebury, but had been delayed.

As the votes were being counted, it was time that the guest of honour, Mayor Wil Whitfoot, would arrive. His job was it to announce the winners and to decorate them officially in their new function. In stead of keeping his promise he had sent a parcel to the election committee, containing a letter that gave the authority to the members to officially install whoever had won the election. The parcel also contained the Deputy Mayor's official necklace and the Local Shirriff's official club.

First Master Bovso called to him Nimelia Stoutfoot as winner of the shirriff election. She was officially announced as the Local Shirriff of Bramblebury and was handed over a fine sturdy club to help her to uphold the peace. Then the Bramblebury musicians surprised her with a musical ode.

Now it was Miss Yola's turn to announce and decorate the winner of the mayor election. She had deviously decided to keep the suspense a little longer and had written a song ("two versions!") in which she unveiled who had won.
Then Master Byronbrand was called forward to receive his decorations and officially be appointed Deputy Mayor of Bramblebury. But the chivalrous Master Byron first wanted to shake hands with his adversary, Master Noakes. After that he received a chain of office, beautifully made with platinum chainlinks and an adamant pendant, and the key to the Deputy Mayor's personal privy.

After this a party started with festive music and fireworks. The time had past too quickly and many voters had to go to their homes to sleep and prepare themselves for the next day, for sure for most a day of work.

The election committee wants to thank everyone who has in some form participated and helped out in this event: candidates, voters, inhabitants, non-inhabitants, musicians, pie-carriers, stand-ins, fireworklaunchers, newspaper reporters, entertainers of skirmish soldiers, collectors of flower petals, sketch artists, dancers, listeners, question-makers, ale brewers, cooks, jewellers, woodworkers, and many more.

Bovso Oakengates
Yola Plumblossom

The election committee.


How to vote

posted Dec 18, 2010, 12:02 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Dec 18, 2010, 3:02 AM by Bovso Oakengates ]

The program of the election night has been published before and sees no changes in the order of the events. The biggest change is, that all visitors of the election night can now vote, whether they live in Bramblebury or not. This has been so decreed by mayor Whitfoot himself. Rumour has it, that he had  been muddling his wit by drinking too much of Barliman's Best and that little voices in his head told him to change the procedures like this. But again, these are only rumours.

When the voting starts, the chairperson of the election committee, Miss Yola Plumblossom, will position herself in the little pavilion, next to the Skirmish Bard. Voters are asked to line up neatly and approach her one by one.
When asked by the chairperson ((she will /tell you when it is your turn)) you whisper to her your vote. Please think carefully before you vote, as your vote is registred immediately and cannot be changed again!
((To make this go smoothly, please do not send other /tells to Miss Yola during the voting procedures. If you have any questions, you can present these to Master Bovso))
After voting, please leave the pavillion again and join the festivities near the decorated tree.
The committee would like to ask you to let musicians and other entertainers vote first, so they can start to do their show for you again.

Master of ceremonies for this night will be Bovso Oakengates. We have Bramblebury musicians who will entertain you, but if you want to perform too, then discuss this with Master Bovso please.
Leading the debate between the candidates for deputy mayor will be Miss Yola Plumblossom. She will give the public the opportunity to ask questions to the candidates too.
Announcing the outcome of the elections and installing the winners in their new function will be mayor Will Whitfoot.

For your skirmish soldiers, free drinks are served at the Bird and Baby Inn! A hobbit called Pepito will provide entertainment for them. So please send them there and do not take them to Bramblebury. Thank you!'

And then..

There were regretful incidents at the Green Dragon night, last friday, involving the throwing of snowballs and rotten fruit at guests and also at persons who were trying to entertain us and make important announcements.

The committee wishes sincerely that all visitors not agreeing with a candidate, will not express this by the throwing of anything potential harmful or insulting in the direction of said candidate. The throwing of flower petals to express agreement, admiration or general happiness, is however encouraged.

Election statement from Merebald

posted Dec 16, 2010, 1:49 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Dec 16, 2010, 1:56 AM by Bovso Oakengates ]

Our other candidate for Shirriff, Master Merebald, has let us know, that unlike his brother he is very much still in the race for the job. Being a hobbit of few words but strong deeds, he sent us the following:

I am Merebald Shortfellow. I come from the big Shortfellow family. I've worked as a bounder for many years and am experienced. I've been waiting to get the 
chance to be sheriff. I also like cooking and fishing.


Local Shirriff candidate withdraws!

posted Dec 8, 2010, 1:59 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Dec 16, 2010, 2:00 AM by Bovso Oakengates ]

The election committee was contacted by Master Meregrim Shortfellow, who was listed as one of the candidates for Local Shirriff. The committee was pleased to hear from him as they had tried to contact him on several occassions.
Unfortunately Master Meregrim had sad news: He could not continue to be a candidate, let alone perform his duties when elected, due to a severe lack of time on his behalf.
So this leaves the voters to choose one out of two candidates for Shirriff: one being Master Merebald Shortfellow, Meregrim's brother, and Miss Nimelia Stoutfoot.
The two candidates for deputy mayor are, as you may have read elsewhere, Masters Byronbrand Stepwise and Hamwick Noakes.

Good turnout on election luncheon

posted Dec 6, 2010, 7:50 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Dec 7, 2010, 2:34 AM by Bovso Oakengates ]

On december 5th inhabitants and visitors of Bramblebury came together for a grand luncheon under a splendidly decorated tree, much resembling the welknown Party Tree on the Hill. This tree however was not on the Hill, but in Bramblebury itself. While enjoying a multitude of pie and Bluebock Ale, old friendships were renewed and new friendships were forged.
Master Bovso Oakengates started off the official part of the evening with his introductory speech, followed by Miss Yola Plumblossom, who told the audience about things to expect on election day itself. As a reaction to Miss Plumblossom's words, a mouse-haired hobbit stepped forward as he had a question to ask. All heads turned toward this stranger whom nobody had seen before, let alone heard his name. After whispering something to Miss Yola, the two of them walked away, leaving everyone wondering. Master Bovso quickly asked two members of the Pied Pipers to fill in the gap with their music, which they gladly did and with full zest. This way Master Bovso prevented the crowd from following the two, who obviously had important things to discuss. The Pipers soon made their audience forget that and everyone had a good time dancing. And all cheered for Miss Cloves and Miss Firefern.
Upon her return to the festivities, Miss Yola had an astounding announcement: The unexpected guest, introduced by the name of Hamwick Noakes, was another candidate for Deputy Mayor! More about Master Noakes' candidacy can be read in a seperate article.
It was then decided to continue the evening as planned with speeches by the candidates. Unfortunately Master Byronbrand was unable to attend this evening and he had sent a representative in the person of Master Peppy (or was it Peggy?) Bristlebrush. Master Peppy performed this task in a marvelous way, almost impersonating his principal and imitating the peculiarities of Master Byronbrand in such a vivid performance, one would almost forget that it was not the actual candidate doing the speech.
Next up was asked Master Hamwick, but as suddenly as he had appeared, he had also left again. So Miss Nimelia Stoutfoot stepped onto the platform to present her speech. Our only candidate present for the post of Local Shirriff mesmerised the audience with her wit and her story. Shouts in the sense of "My vote goes to you!" were her reward.
As the other two candidates for Shirriff had not shown up to present themselves to the voters, Master Bovso came forward to thank everyone for coming and concluded the official program. Then it was time for the local Bramblebury musicians to step onto the stage and entertain the audience. One of them being Master Peppy, who made it a good job again to represent Master Byronbrand, this time as a musician. Miss Tibba played the theorbo and Miss Akelay the flute, when she was not leading the dancing herself from her high position on the stage. And let's not forget Miss Yola, playing the clarinet.
The election committee can look back on a succesful evening and has high hopes, that election night will attract an even bigger crowd.

Election day on december 19th!

posted Dec 5, 2010, 3:58 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Dec 6, 2010, 7:47 AM by Bovso Oakengates ]

Finally Mayor Will Whitfoot has set the date for the Bramblebury elections. These will be held on december 19th, starting around 20.00 ((server time)). Our Mayor has not yet decided on the exact method of voting,
The progam of election night will be as follows:
  • Arrival of candidates, voters and all who wish to witness this important event in Bramblebury. The serving of drinks and pies.
  • Introductory speech by a member of the election committee and explanation of voting procedures
  • a last minute debate between the candidates for Deputy Mayor
  • the actual voting
  • a musical interlude while voting takes place and votes are counted
  • Announcement of the results of the voting
  • Installation of the winners in their new function by Mayor Whitfoot himself
  • Victory speeches by the new Deputy Mayor and the new Local Shirriff
  • A tremendous afterparty with more music, food and drinks and fireworks

Nimelia's election manifesto

posted Dec 3, 2010, 3:04 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Dec 3, 2010, 3:06 AM by Bovso Oakengates ]

Dear fellow Bramblebury residents,

As all of you probably know by now, local elections for deputy mayor and Shirriff are to be held before this year is out. In order to try and contribute my share to the development of the Bramblebury community, I have decided to run as candidate for the post of local shirriff.

Apart from the obvious duties to all Bramblebury residents associated with such post, namely protecting their burrows and all pies therein from unauthorized access, I have identified the following tasks:

*) To support the deputy mayor in his or her duties.

*) To make public, on occasion, any information related to the Shirriff's duties that might be of interest to the Bramblebury community, by publishing appropriate reports in the Bramblebury Gazette.

*) To keep in check the shrew infestation on and around the south fields, by working with the Michel Delving authorities, and in particular, to keep it from spreading over to the homesteads, until such time as a proper shrew infestation committee is established.

*) To keep in check the (on occasion somewhat less than subtle) statesmanly ambitions of our esteemed candidate for the post of deputy mayor, Master Byronbrand Stepwise: Rumour has it that Mayor Will Whitfoot, long concerned about 'some upstart in Hobbiton who has been secretly gathering support', is now even more concerned about 'some upstart in Bramblebury who is secretly gathering support'. Political dispute between two energetic gentlemen such as Masters Whitfoot and Stepwise could easily lead to fisticuffs and the throwing of pies, and that would certainly be a disgraceful waste of pies.

With best regards,

  Nimelia Stoutfoot

Election luncheon on sunday

posted Dec 2, 2010, 4:03 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Dec 5, 2010, 4:15 AM by Bovso Oakengates ]

As published in our News section, on sunday december 5th, you have the opportunity to meet your neighbours and our candidates for the election. For more details, check out the News section here. Inhabitants of Bramblebury have all received a personal invitation in their mailboxes
There will be plenty of food, or we could not call it a luncheon ofcourse. We can expect speeches and other campaigning activities from the candidates.
And ofcourse music will be played for your entertainment.

One last minute candidate!

posted Nov 30, 2010, 4:32 PM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Nov 30, 2010, 4:58 PM by Bovso Oakengates ]

On the last day of November another candidate for Shirriff of Bramblebury announced herself. It was due to a petition of certain Bramblebury inhabitants, that Miss Nimelia Stoutfoot was finally persuaded to become a candidate for the elections. This means that there are three candidates for Local Shirriff and one for Deputy Mayor.
But does this mean that Master Byronbrand Stepwise is certain of his victory and the post of Deputy Mayor? Not in the least! The voting may be a formality, but his credentials will be scrutinised by the authorities. They will focus their attention on his past and on the fact that he has disappeared for quite a while from the Shire and upon return came forward as a candidate.  Also in the case of no votes at all, however unlikely, the candidate can still be rejected by the will of the people!

Byronbrand's election manifesto

posted Nov 29, 2010, 6:14 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Nov 29, 2010, 6:16 AM by Bovso Oakengates ]

My election manifesto consists of three basic issues regarding Bramblebury:
  1. tackling with reckless horse rider behaviour together with our chief township Michel Delving
  2. stimulate Bramblebury inhabitants to organize and contribute to more cultural activities (fishing competitions, parties, play and music)
  3. increase the supply of pie, drink and other essentials to supports the second manifest issue.
A vote for Byronbrand is a vote for pie.
You do like pie, don't you ?
In order to realize the manifesto, Byronbrand will:
  1. with the help of the Sheriffs, bounders and concerned good Shirefolk collect names of reckless horsemen and sent angry letters of protest;
  2. approach Bramblebury inhabitants and ask them to plan cultural events;
  3. levy a tax to be able to supply in essential party supplies ( mostly pie ) in the form of 10 silvertons per party per inhabitant; or the equivalent contribution in pie and drink.
Yours truly,
Byronbrand Stepwise.

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