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Popularity poll(2)

posted Feb 18, 2011, 11:43 AM by Yola Plumblossom
Dear Gazette,

thank you for the article about the nominations. Since I seldomly visit Bree, I did not notice this popularity poll. I am therefore glad to know about it and also about the information on how to place a vote from the Shire. Oh, and since there appears to be some speculation on what exactly the poll is about: It is of course hard to know with Breelanders, but I would assume it is about determining who is the most popular actor.

And dear Miss Lina,

I do of course understand that it must feel a bit uncomfortable for you to be thus singled out from all the members of G.O.A.T. But I think you should not fret overly much about having been nominated in this poll. For one thing, it was always of little concern to us how the Breelanders amuse themselves, so if they wish to vote for the best actor, so be it. I think it is all in good fun, so I sent in my vote too. And second, the fact that you were nominated would indicate that you have some secret admirer in Bree, perhaps among the Staddle folk, and that can't be a bad thing, in particular now that the Strollers are going to play in Breeland. Think of it, in Bree there will be fresh biscuits waiting for you! (And us Shire hobbits will bring pies for the rest of the Strollers, so no harm there at all.)

Yours sincerely,

  Tibba Stoutfoot