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Dabornbor's Letter of Shiriff Candidacy

posted Oct 11, 2012, 11:58 PM by Bovso Oakengates   [ updated Oct 11, 2012, 11:58 PM ]

My name is Mr. Dabornbor Footpatch and I will be running for the Shiriff of the fine district of Oldfurlong and I am composing this letter to introduce myself to you. 

I have been a Bounder of the Shire for a few years now, and some of you have probably seen me around, patrolling the Bridge or having a good glug at the Dragon. I've adventured a bit in my young time but my home has been and always will be our good Shire! I became a Bounder for this reason, and I would gladly put my bread-filled belly in harm's way to protect my home.

I believe a Shiriff's job is very simple: to protect his district and make sure the wellbeing of those he is protecting. I have done my best as a bounder to protect the whole of the Shire and I promise that I will do the same and ten percent more for Oldfurlong. I am afraid I am not a very eloquent speaker, - or writer for that matter! - but in this letter I just written down what I felt in my heart. 

Also, I have just recently moved into old Stitto's place in Oldfurlong last week, and be assured the incessant clucks of his chickens will cease! I will be making good use of these chickens, though, and after cooking them up will be holding a chicken-festival at my place. There will be gravy, don't you worry! 

Signed sincerely and with a full belly,

Bounder Dabornbor Footpatch