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A letter from Mebenca

posted Jun 13, 2012, 10:11 AM by Yllisa Greenflower
Dear friends,
I first have to apologize for my sudden depart.
Some weeks ago, i have been contacted by a mysterious woman. She explained to me that people in the far South are living in a very dry land. They are in dire need of water, and my "talent" for finding water and digging wells would be of a great helpfor them.
The far South... you can imagine how frightening this idea was for me ! Until now my biggest adventure has been to move from Saddle to the Shire...
But then, what would you do if you know that people are in need of your help ?
Therefore, South we have travelled...
Day after day, the landscape was becoming wilder and wilder, empty of any sign of hobbits or men.
I don't know exactly how long we have travelled. Many weeks for sure.
Finally we arrived to a land which looks very different from the Shire : There the soil is full of stones. Hills are made of sharp rocks, and even the plants and trees look dry.
The men who live in this land are quite frightening : they paint their body with blue, white, black and red colours ! The first contact with them has been as dry as their land, but now they've understood the reason of my presence among them, and if they are not very communicative, they at least don't see me as an ennemy anymore.
Well, i don't have much time to continue this letter, and my eyelids are getting so heavy... i can't stop yawning...
!but i promise that i will send more letters to the Gazette to describe my adventures in this strange country. Maybe it will amuse some of your readers.
Good night my friends. The Shire is so far away... but you all are in my heart.

Mebenca Muddymuzzle.