Lone Bards Night at Green Dragon Friday

Every now and then Green Dragon Friday entertainment will be provided by our Lone Bards: solo artists and duos bring you their music, poems and stories. Bands are kindly asked to apply for performance on another Friday.

Lone Bards Friday is essentially “Green Dragon Friday unplugged”. This will mostly be a Green Dragon Friday as usual, but with one big exception: We won’t allow bands to play. Instead, we ask for solo or duo-based entertainment:
  • Music (solo or duo)
  • Poems
  • Short stories
  • Riddles or rhymes
  • Short duo plays
  • Or similar. Please be creative!
To allow for as many performances as possible, please do not plan with too much time (max 10 minutes, less is good). Short and sweet is good!

In particular, we encourage new hobbit entertainers to come perform! While there are many veterans around whose performances are always welcome, at the Green Dragon we have a particular fondness for first-time (and even second- and third-time) performers. I am sure you’ll find us to be a friendly and appreciative crowd, so please don’t be shy!

Even on a "normal" Green Dragon Friday night, Lone Bards are welcome to sign up to provide entertainment, they are not restricted to just the Lone Bards Nights!

Else same rules and procedures apply as on any Green Dragon Night:

  • It's a hobbit preferred event, although the occasional traveling dwarf has been known to drop in, looking for a glass of ale after a long and dusty journey.
  • There will be a host of the evening. Often this will be Miss Lina Willowwood, but other hobbits sometimes do the honours.
  • If you'd like to perform on Lone Bards Night, please come to the Green Dragon and whisper your intentions to the host-hobbit.
  • If the program is overloaded with too many requests to perform, you can always come back. It's never more than one week before the next Green Dragon Friday!
  • ((Lastly, please remember to keep your performance somewhat hobbity lore-relevant. Green Dragon Friday is about roleplaying hobbits in the Shire, and their traits and interests should be a good guide for your performance as well. Don’t worry too much, though, we certainly welcome inexperienced roleplayers too!))