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Poem & Painting - the Tree sonnet**

posted Apr 1, 2011, 4:44 PM by Yola Plumblossom
Poem by Simbo Rumblebelly   
Painting by Amorey Sweetrose   

To grow as tall and fine as mighty trees
That spread their roots so far across the land
With leaves that rustle gently on the breeze
And twigs on branches that reach out like hands
The oak, the beech, the elm the sycamore
So proudly standing tall throughout the years
With Springtime blooms and Summer fruits for all
And then Autumnal leaves do fall like tears
To see those trees that grow in fields alone
Those mighty kings surveying all they see
How proud they stand, yet standing on their own
Much better to live their with company
Sometimes I dream and wish that we all could
Just come together now, as trees in woods

** A sonnet is a special sort of poem with just 14 lines.

Some information about the artist(s):
Master Simbo is a famous poet around the Shire. When not preoccupied with collecting and eating pies, Master Simbo works on expanding his collection of self-written poems. He is a regular visitor of the Green Dragon, where on fridaynights he may be found willing to recite some of his work. Master Simbo is also a gifted musician and actor.

Her parents named her Amorey Lullabella Wildstrawberry Sweetrose which is really nice...but a bit of a mouth-full. For obvious reasons she is more commonly known as Amorey Sweetrose. Her father encouraged her since a very early age to learn to read and write, paint and play musical instruments. Inspired by her mother's love for songs and poems and  great passion for books with illustrations she decided to follow the path of the Minstrel and Scholar.  Miss Amorey recently settled down in a lovely burrow in Brightdown.