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Poem - When We Were Young

posted Feb 21, 2015, 10:30 AM by Tibba Stoutfoot
by Simbo Rumblebelly
When we were young and very small
We had no fears or cares at all
No matter what the olds would say
We'd have such fun, our games to play
We'd climb atop the apple trees
And singing birds pretend to be
And feeling in a merry mood
We'd "borrow" apples for our food

The woods were such a place of fun
Where we could hide from everyone
And making crowns from leaves and things
In forest halls we were the kings

We'd dance our way to tops of hills
And roll back down in noisy thrills
Or wrap ourselves in daisy chains
And splash in pools of summer rain

But when you're old, the folk all frown
If hills you come a-rolling down
They'd think you mad if they did see
You singing in the apple trees

Don't rush, don't shout, don't make a noise
You are too old to play with toys
It's like your trapped within a cage
Expected just to act your age

But hush, I say, why should we care
If grumpy folk just stand and stare
It matter not what others say
You're not too old your games to play

There's nothing wrong with having fun
If you're not hurting anyone
So grab your toys and shed your fears
And live your days, don't count your years