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Poem - the Silly Dragon

posted Sep 14, 2016, 4:17 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Pycella Woodberry  

The Silly Dragon  

Once there was a land far from here  
And there, many dragons dwelt  
They spat fire and ruled the skies  
Hoarded treasures and enjoyed their lives  

One dragon was a special one  
He disliked fire and having coin  
He sniffed blooms and tended plants
He liked to get dirt on his hands

The other dragons kept mocking him
They thought real dragons should be grim
"Real dragons don't care for gardening"
"They should be mean and frightening!"

The mocking made that dragon sad
One day, he took his garden hat
He walked straight down into a pond
Where he could tend weeds with love

One day, the dragons had a silly fight
About a treasure, there's no doubt
The fight turned the world into a fiery pit
And all the dragons went extinct
Except for one...

The silly dragon wondered what was going on
So it crept out from his peaceful pond
To see how the world had burnt to ashes
The air was heavy with all the sadness

But the silly dragon didn't get upset
It smiled and into the pond it went
It drank all the water it could take
And then it came up with haste
It rose up and flew quite high
And poured water down from the sky
It spread seeds on the ground so bare
And they grew into fields so fair
The dragon planted blooms and greens
Turnips, corn and apple trees
There was no place left bare nor plain
The world became alive again.

Where is that silly dragon now?
Into the pond he did go
There he blows some water bubbles
And enjoys eating tasty mussels
To him, it never mattered really
That he was born so silly.

About the Author:
Miss Pycella is a talented poet, storyteller and playwright. She often recites her work on Green Dragon Fridays. With this poem, she entered the poetry competition of the Harnkegger Games 2016 and won the silvery prize.
Miss Pycella runs a pie-shop and was elected Shire May Queen in 2016