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Poem - The Green Dragon is my Home

posted May 25, 2022, 1:09 PM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Pycella Woodberry 

It’s Friday evening again
And I am here with my friends
I leave my worries behind
Nothing will weigh on my mind
Dressed in garments so green
I’m at my favourite inn
Here I do not feel alone
The Green Dragon’s my home 

We dance, play tunes and sing
Maybe spill our drinks
The rumours spread all around
Tall tales from the wide world
There’s gentle strums by a lad
Faint grumbles from the back
This is where I belong
The Green Dragon’s my home

There’s the sticky old rug
Watery beer in yer mug
Yet it feels so good to be here
Valuing food and cheer

Tonight, let’s forget all else
Tonight, let’s be all friends
Tonight I sing you my song
For Green Dragon is my home
For Green Dragon is my home

Green trees light up the sky
Soon it is time for goodbyes
But never for a long while
So there’s no reason to cry
We will meet here again
At our beloved old inn

Where we can sing our song
The Green Dragon is our home
The Green Dragon is our home
The Green Dragon is our home
The Green Dragon is our home

((OOC: This tune is best sung to the melody of I’ll Find my Way Home by Jon and Vangelis. Master Vangelis passed away just recently, so that gave me the idea to use this song for my lyrics.))