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Poem - Pozee's Wild Trip ta DreamLand

posted Jul 22, 2022, 8:31 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Pozee Longleaf 

Most a the time yer hopin' ta sleep
Whenever ya go ta bed
But sometimes somethin' else happens
And ya start dreamin' instead
Afore I went ta sleep that night
I had meself a snack
I figgered it would be okay
As it was near the end of the day
So I put on me night shirt
And gave the kitty some cream
Next thing I knew I wuz whisked away
Inta a strange kinda dream

Wuz a busy day as most folks know
At the market in Michel Delving
There I wuz with me veggie basket
But I ain't wearin' no clothes!!!!
I run ta hide in the bushes
My face wuz red as a beet
I tried ta gather my senses
Then noticed that I had three feets!!!
I thought 'What in tarnation!'
Somethin's gotta ta be wrong
Don't wanna create a sensation
I better be movin' along
So I went inta stealthy
As we burglars sometimes will
I needed ta git away somewhere
So I tried goin' up the hill
It sure wuzn't easy
Tryin' ta flee with three feet
But I did the bestest I could
Ta git myself outta the street

I whistled fer my pony

But he wuz nowhere ta be found
But it wuz then that I noticed
There wuz great big shrews all around
Wuz they gonna have me fer dinner?
Wuz I at the end a my rope?
They all sure looked mighty hungry
It looked like there wuz no hope
About that time I noticed
Somethin' circlin' above in the sky
It looked as if to be buzzards
This could really be good bye

Suddenly they came a swoopin'
'N grabbed me up off the ground
And landed me back ta my burrow
'N I wuz all safe and sound
Not quite as noteworty a rescue
As one by eagles fer sure
But the end wuz a good outcome
I wuz safe and secure

I woke in my bed muddled
I still had my night shirt on
The kitty wuz there all cuddled
And one a my feet wuz gone!!
Advice on dreamin' is simple
I will most surely recite
Don't eat onion stew
Afore goin' ta sleep at night

A little bit of info about the author: Miss Pozee's statement about winning the Summer Bard competition 2022: I wuz pleasantly surprised. I got some wonderful prizes; strawberry stout and apple pies, a very nice fish trophy I put in my bedroom, and a title 'Speaker of Words' and the honor of being recognized as the Summer-Time Bard until the competition next year!!