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Poem - My favourite fish

posted Mar 29, 2013, 2:59 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Mar 29, 2013, 3:01 AM ]
 by Ponso Pondhopper 

I've found a special fishing spot, not very far from here; 
There's hardly any weeds and the water's crystal-clear. 
But best of all, it's full of fish, of every different hue; 
The Bitterlings are bright and the Dace delightful, too. 

The water's deep in places; and some fish like it deep.
But you have to be so careful, cause the banks are rather steep
It's here you'll find the Barbels, so Barbarous and fine
But you have to keep your balance when you're casting out your line!

The Charr are very colourful, the Giant Goldfish too
The Minnows are magnificent, with tail fins, green and blue.
Though Rudds are rater ruthless, and Superb Smelts so stunning
The only fish I want to catch is really very cunning.

A fish that likes the shady depths of the pond-bed, where it feeds;
It likes hide in hidey-holes or wherever there are weeds.
A finer fish you cannot find, despite its cunning guile
Compared to all the other fish, its better by a mile.

And though this one's not colourful, magnificent or bright,
It's the fish I want to angle for from morning until night.
Delightful it sure isn't, neither ruthless nor superb
But it makes a lovely supper, baked with a pinch of herbs.

Of this delicious pisces I'll never have my fill.
Have you guessed its name yet, or are you wondering still?
Though big, it's not a giant, nor barbarous, nor stunning,
And as I've told you twice before, it's very, very cunning.

Surely you have guessed it, now I've given you the clues.
But if you're stuck I'll tell you that its name suggests it mews,
Catches mice or drinks milk; What do ye think of that?
A Catfish is its name, though it's much more fish than cat!