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Poem - I remember

posted Oct 6, 2013, 11:00 AM by Tibba Stoutfoot
by Tibba Stoutfoot

I remember the first time
The day that we met.
When I came to your clearing,
Oh dear, was I wet!
With your arms so inviting
I nestled in them.
All that rain became pretty -
A bond was forged then.

I remember times after,
The years while I grew,
The hours of laughing
Spent playing with you.
Not a care in the whole world,
A wonderful time.
I was glad that I'd met you
Such joy was then mine.

I remember the first time
I brought you my love.
All the hours spent talking,
Secured from above.
As we sat hand in hand there
Your bough as our tent,
I'd say this was most precious:
This sense of content.

I remember the day when
I came full of tears.
When I had no idea how
To face the come years.
But the loss in time faded,
New life comes from end.
Through the times till I saw this
You were a good friend.

I remember these past times.
My way I did make.
As a sign of remembrance
A leaf I then take.
But when turning it over,
A moment I pause.
Will this fade into nothing?
Be gone when I pass?

I remember ...
... What is this?
Do movement I see?
And I peer up more closely...
A lad's in the tree!
As I watch him swing joyful,
He shouts out his glee;
And I turn back home smiling.

This lad --
He'll remember thee.