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Poem - Cat, beer and duck pond

posted Jul 9, 2011, 1:52 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Hamsgard. 

Quite a special poem, this one, as it was made as a challenge. On Green Dragon Night Master Hamsgard was given two topics and a location, "Cat, Beer and Duck Pond", and within 10 minutes he had made the following poem which he then recited: 

As I walked out in Little Delving, 
I spied upon a cat, 
he moved fast, advancing,
a duck upon his back!

I shouted to the feline,
making such a bee-line,
"What is that there?
Upon your hair?
Or am I raving mad?"
He looked so sad,
and said with a frown,
"a duck is a duck,
a cluck is a cluck,
and into pond he goes,
for I walk daily,
for beer gaily,
in the name of prose!"

Well I sat there,
Without a care,
and watched the curious scene,
whatever could it mean?
a cat, a beer and a duck pond,
How could I respond?
"Well good luck to you!
For beer I drink too!"
and went upon my way,
Now all have a great Green Dragon day!

Some information about the artist:
Hamsgard is a wandering bard who goes from town to town in the Shire working for food and lodging.