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Poem - Autumn Contentment

posted Oct 6, 2013, 11:02 AM by Tibba Stoutfoot
by Simbo Rumblebelly

A hard day's work has just been done
The harvest day in Autumn's sun
The corn is cut and lays in stacks
Their whiskered head all put in sacks

With apples picked off orchard's trees
And honey salvaged from the bees
There's mushrooms picked from out the woods
Our baskets bulge with Autumn's goods

I wipe the sweat from off my brow
Relieved the day is over now
And as the sun begins to gloam
I start to make my way back home

I put my tools upon my pack
And set off down the narrow track
Between the rows of fading trees
Now painted with their golden leaves

With all the work, my legs still ache
And long the path that I must take
In balmy air, I take it slow
Whilst picking blackberries as I go

And soon I reach the garden gate
I hope that I am not too late
Although I've worked hard all day long
The thought of tea has kept me strong

The homely door is opened wide
A welcome sight I see inside
These faces with their welcome smiles
It's worth the work and all the miles

And as I look around I'm sure
The one thing that I'm working for
It's all those standing close to me
Contentment is my family