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Yule party meets with rain

posted Dec 19, 2010, 2:38 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Dec 19, 2010, 4:19 AM ]
Songburrow, saturdaymorning. Neighbours in Brookbank street were wakened by hammering and the noise of wooden planks being sawn to proportion. Something was being built there, an exeptional device. But unfortunately a large canvas kept it out of sight of those who came curiously to see what had disturbed their sleep.

Songburrow, saturday evening. The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom hosted a Yule party, open to all visitors. And many came, members and non-members of the Order, and the first thing that caught their attention was the exeptional device on the front lawn of Songburrow Hall: It was a theatre, a stage! With high anticipation, the guests almost reluctantly moved away from it to first partake in a grand feast, neatly spread out on a large table in front of the Hall. More guests arrived, some were long lost friends, and the glasses were raised in many a toast.

After a speech by Kinship leader Rowana, the guests were beckoned to come to the stage for the night's entertainment: a poem by Master Simbo, and a spectacular act of Miss Lina involving a dancing bear! This had to be seen to be believed, and Master Jiro, who had just left when the animal began to dance to the tunes of Miss Lina, refused to believe that there had actually been a dancing bear on the stage!

Unfortunately the weather had turned bad by now: rain kept pouring from the sky. Yes, rain, not the more appropriate snowflakes that are so associated with Yule festivities. But the magic of the theatre kept everyone happy and ignoring the fact that their party clothes were getting wet.

Then came the highly anticipated moment, when the Songburrow Strollers came on stage. They put on a show that all will remember for a long time. Their music being highlighted with theatrical effects such as fireworks, made the guests stand in awe. But not for long, as the music made everyone dance, encouraged by the shouts of the musicians, who also announced a price for the best dancer. And again Master Jiro was away to fetch some more fireworks, when the dancing bear appeared again, dancing on stage behind the band and even  between the guests. The guests tried their best to impress the musicians with acrobatic dancing, hoping to win the price. And everyone wanted to be in the spotlights, (well, spotcandles) so at one moment the dancers also moved their activities on stage!

It was all great fun and it made the guests hungry, so another course was served at the feasting table. There some more poems were recited by Master Simbo, supported by music from Miss Lina. One poem was called "the yearem" and made everyone think back of the year that now lies behind us.

Because of the rain, the activities were moved to indoors where the Strollers once again provided plenty of music for dancing. The dancing contest was won by two contestants: Miss Nimelia, who was again praised for her unique style of dancing. One of the jurors said she'd tried it once, but found it very hard. And the other winner was the dancing bear who was called forward to receive a price of Honeybrew (or was it Honeydew?). Master Jiro at the time was out to fetch more logs for the fireplace, and upon his return still refused to believe in the dancing bear.

This wonderful party came to an end, but not before that classic was sung, that concludes most events in the Shire, the unofficial hymn of the Shire: Home Sweet Home! And after a last glass of special Brandy, the guests spread out to their seperate destinations again, looking back on a fantastic Yule party in Songburrow.

For the benefit of Master Jiro: a sketch of the dancing bear!