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Wilderness Appreciation Event in the Shire

posted Apr 4, 2011, 9:45 AM by Yola Plumblossom
By Bovso Oakengates

The end of your search lies at the beginning.
A year has now passed and another has come.
Our steps lead us round through the circle of seasons.
We were once there, now we go back again.


Greetings friends,

As you all may know - I've elven friends. In my long trips I made in youth I met these wise, beautiful creatures and became friends with them. In Thursday 7th of April some of my old friends are coming to visit here, the Shire. Nimlith who leads the group of these lovely elves said we are welcome to join and she would really like to see us, hobbits, in there.

So let us meet them! Thursday 7th of April at 19.00 ((/servertime)) they will cross the border of the Shire. They come in peace so please, do not carry any weapons and... be nice. In the event you can - and it would be nice if you would - share poems, play music or any else you would like to show for them. This is a good opportunity to meet the elves, so don't be afraid to come! I'll end this invitation by using again - art of Nimlith. It's a lovely poem about the event itself.

With kind regards,
Bovso Oakengates

The time has come to take a break from war and struggle, to leave destruction and strife behind and take comfort in the beauty of our world Arda..
Join us then as we meet by moonlight to bathe in the beauty of Nature, to take rest from Her and return Her favour in our songs and blessings.


Linna Na Gelaidh invite all lovers of nature to the Wilderness Appreciation Days, where we shall meet in one of the most beautiful spots of Middle-Earth, take comfort in her restfulness and bless the land with songs and prayers.
Even if our prayers alone can not hold the Shadow back forever, they will bring gladness to the land for a short time, and strengthen it in its fight against the corruption...