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Waymeet Auction and Strollers Concert!, Sunday 1 March

posted Feb 15, 2015, 1:07 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Simbo Rumblebelly  

Waymeet is a thriving little community of hobbits, but there is one thing they lack; an Inn! But they have decided to put this right, and hold an auction to raise money to build one. And to help them on their way, the Strollers will be playing some tunes too, as part of their new "No Inns" tour, where they will be visiting all the villages in the Shire which don't have an inn!  

Date: Sunday 1st March
Time: 7:30PM UK time/2:30PM Servertime
Location: Waymeet, The Shire

The auction is an event where hobbits can turn up with extra special goods they will to sell, and other hobbits can then bid on them, with the highest bid taking the goods. It's all in spirit of good fun though! Please sign up in advance if you do think you have some good worth auctioning. Don't worry, there will be a limit of 100 silver on each item, so it won't cost you too much if you want to bid on something.

And the Strollers will be playing some tunes at the start, and during the interval too, to bring cheer to the villages of the Shire which currently lack an Inn!


The auction is a hobbit preferred event, inspired by when Bilbo returned from his adventures and found that his goods had been auctioned off! Such an auction was a grand success when it was last held, and so three years later, another is being held....

The process is as follows:
  • All items for sale will be introduced
  • The auctioneer calls on the seller
  • The seller gives a short description of the item
  • The auctioneer announces the starting price
  • Hobbits who would like to bid for the item enters a designated bidding area, others are asked to stay behind and watch the show
  • If no-one wants to bid, the auctioneer may choose to lower the starting bid
    Once the bidding starts, the bidders are asked to wave to the auctioneer and announce their bids!
  • No bid is accepted until the auctioneer acknowledges it. Bids made from outside the bidding area will not be acknowledged
The bidding process ends when:
  • No-one wants to bid over the current highest bid
  • A set time period passes. The current highest bid wins
  • The bid limit (which will be set to 100 silver) is reached. The deal is then setting by a drawing of lots (a /roll)
If you have got an item you wish to sell, please let me (Simbo) know in advance, if possible!  ))