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The Night Of The Fire Rose Musical Program

posted May 8, 2013, 1:11 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Amorey Sweetrose-Took 

7.30pm - Audience start to gather is Woodhall- the Shire - Fires are lit in front of the stage 

(We kindly ask hunters in the audience to help us keep the fires going all through the performance) 

8.00pm - Yule of Shire Rose’s Welcome Speech 

8.05pm - Hobbit Heart gather on stage - Opening speech by Bovso Oakengates 

8.07pm - Musical performance start


1. Brian Boru's March (Boru’s March)

2. Welcome To May (Carrifergus)

3. Cliffs of Doneen (Cliffs of Doneen)

4. Lovely Woodhall (Cockles and Mussles)

5. Fermoy Gravel Jig (Fermoy Gravel)

6. Free Your Heart (Foggy Dew)

7. What Would You Do (Frost Is All Over)

8. Bullroarer Took's Glory (Garry Oven) - Sung by Tahitoa Tuk

9. Blessing of the Fire (Gypsy)

Bennidict Yewbranch of Shire Rose perform the Blessing of the Fire

10. Hills of The Shire (Hills Of Connemara)

11. Fair Shire Wood (Emigrant Daughter)

12. Hobbity Monagam (Irish Monagham)

13. Puki Hakamore's Mare (John Patterson’s Mare) - Sung by Tahitoa Tuk

14. The Kesh (Kesh)

15. Planxty Hobbits! (Planxty George)

16. Rocky Road To Scary (Rocky Road To Dublin)

17. Rose Of The Shire (Rose Of Mooncoin)

Simbo Rumblebelly ‘s Poem

18. Riders Of The Rose (Sam Song)

19. Scatter The Mud (Scatter The Mud)

20. The Gift (Snowy Breasted Pearl)

21. Spinning Wheel (Spinning Wheel)

22. Annierose Reel (St.Anne’s Reel)

23. Swinging On The Gate (Swinging On The Gate))

24. I'll Tell My Ma (Tell My Ma)

25. The Old Rambles (The Old Ramble)

26. The Fires Are Lit (Wie Shonen)

Closing Speech by Bovso Oakengates

Please join us for a Fireworks Display immediately after the performance