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The Long Journey

posted Dec 27, 2014, 6:23 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Dec 27, 2014, 1:26 PM ]
By Trincia Cakewalk  

For an adventurer like me, I one day started pondering about something that didn’t want to leave my mind. “How long does it take to ride through all Middle Earth?” Me and my friends went all the way from Thorin’s Gate to East Rohan to see if our behinds would manage to sit on a pony’s back for such a long trip. Ever since that day we have a tradition to make the same journey after the Yule holidays.  

Welcome to join me, Trincia Cakewalk and my friends on this year’s Long Journey throughout almost the entire Middle Earth. We will ride from Frerin’s Court in Thorin’s Gate to Snowbourn in East Rohan. All adventurers, hobbits and possibly others with longer legs, who dare to ride all this way are welcome to join as long as you are able and have the courage.

Along the way we will take a few breaks to play some music, tell a story, and add more friends. If you want to play a song or tell a short story along the way, please announce this to Trincia by mail.

In Snowbourn awaits a party. Bring your picnic basket, and don’t forget to pack some extra pipeweed and fireworks!

Date: Saturday January 10th, 2015
Time: 5 pm is gathering time ((5 pm UK time/12 pm server time/18:00 CET)). We leave about 15-20 minutes later.
Where: Gather around Frerin’s Court in Thorin’s Gate. The travel ends in Snowbourn, East Rohan.

Who can join?
Anyone can join the travel as long as you dare. All are welcome! ((We will ride through all levels of areas, so if you want to join the entire journey you need to be at least lvl 75-80. If you are of lower level you are still welcome to join as long as it is possible to stay alive.))

Music in Bree, 21st Hall and Snowbourn: The White Flames band will play a few songs along the way and at the party in Snowbourn. Announce to Trincia by mail if you want to play a song or tell a story!

The White Flames will play a few songs along the way
  • Only mounts of speed 62% can be used!
  • In Moria we need to ride on goats, since horses refuse to go there. Make sure you have a goat ready when entering Moria!
  • We will ride in a long line where Trincia rides first, second person follows her (/follow command), third person follows the second, fourth person follows the third, and so on.
  • In fellowships of 6, the leader of the fellowship will take follow on the last person in the previous fellowship. The leader of each fellowship decides the order the members ride in. If many people join, this will take some time to organize, so please have patience with this.
  • Visit the website for The Long Journey for more information at There you can download a map for the journey, as well as see the approximate times for the different spots we will pass.
  • If you want to join The Long Journey from the beginning, please be in good time before we leave Frerin’s Court. Anyone who is late can join the trip on any spot where we take a break.
  • The entire journey will take about 4 hours, depending on what happens on the way.
  • Feel free to send Trincia a letter in-game if you have questions or if you want to help with preparations.
Map for the Long Journey
((Click on it for a bigger map))