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The hat has passed

posted Feb 6, 2011, 1:14 PM by Byronbrand Stepwise
This week saw the passing of the illustrious hat of the People of the Shire from one head to another. Yes, yet again Dodero Dandywick's silverhaired head is now clearly visible to all henceforth. The now former chief was thanked for inventing and implementing new guidelines for accepting new kin members and cheers of agreement were voiced aloud.
Bovso Oakengates took his oathes to protect the hat and pie of the kin hole. He has the responsibility to carry that hat for the next couple of months. Or at least at very official occasions.
After the ceremony took place, the new chief himself commented: "Absolutly lovely !" and ordered the immediate consumption of large amounts of the kin chests pie and ale that were still available at the moment this interview took place. It goes without saying - yet I do not hesitate to do so anyway - that dance and song ensued after that.
We thank Dodero again for his great and succesfull efforts in carrying the hat. And wish Bovso all the best in his new position!