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The Green Dragon Pre-Spring Party, Friday February 9

posted Feb 6, 2018, 5:07 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Lina Willowwood 

Snow and rain, cold and darkness, days too short... the winter is still here. 
What better time to bring some warmth and look forward to spring? 
None! So welcome to the Green Dragon Pre-spring party!

A group of hobbits on their way to (or from) an evening at the Green Dragon

Date: Friday February 9
Time: 7:30PM ((UK, 2:30PM servertime)), typically lasting ca 2 hours
Location: Green Dragon inn, Bywater.

To raise the spring spirits of the local hobbits, Barmy has decided to throw an early spring party at the Green Dragon. Come in yer best spring clothes, bring spring-themed entertainment and enjoy the warm pre-spring mulled cider! Welcome hobbits and dwarves!

(( OOC:
As always, Green Dragon Friday is an in-character roleplaying event aiming to replicate a lively hobbit night at the inn. We try to enable a healthy lively hobbit roleplayer community here on Laurelin. To help us do this, please follow these guidelines:
  • While dwarves are welcome at the inn, we ask that taller characters (elves and menfolk) do not attend the event. However, if yer have quests to do at the inn, by all means come inside to finish them
  • Be in-character - be a hobbit! Keep player interactions (chats, emotes) and entertainment in-character, basically by talking about the things that hobbits in Middle-Earth would. Do not discuss real-life modern-day things, game mechanics, etc. Avoid using forced emotes, setting off fireworks inside, bringing pets that wouldn't belong in an inn, throwing 3000 snowballs, etc.
  • Be active and engage with the others. It is better to participate than to just stand around waiting for others to entertain you.
  • Avoid multi-boxing with lots of alts. Yes, we know that you love to pull off that fat sound of a many-musician band. However, when the room is full of similarly-clad robots marching in line (if they move at all), who don't respond when you talk to them, things get rather creepy and the immersion we look for is often ruined.
  • Entertainers are very welcome! Just sign up with the hobbit hosting the event, preferably by a /tell. Note that we absolutely love solo bards/performers - a lone lute-player is often better suited for the inn setting than a huge band. Also note that we absolutely love other kinds of entertainment than music: Poems, stories, riddles, the latest news from the Shire... lovely!
  • Gossip and news is very welcome! This helps bring life to the event and the roleplaying in the Shire. Just remember to keep things in-character. Related to events: We generally don't advertise events held on other servers, events not of hobbit interest, events not held in the Shire or events not of a roleplaying character. (Ed.: Same can be said of the Bramblebury Gazette)  ))
Lastly, while the above may sound like a long list of rules, don't worry too much! Them hobbits are a friendly and tolerant lot, eager to welcome new visitors to the inn. See yer there!