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The Green Dragon Friday 5th Anniversary!

posted Apr 15, 2013, 10:53 AM by Yllisa Greenflower   [ updated Apr 15, 2013, 10:56 AM ]
ritten by Lina Willowwood - Bramblebury 

Believe it or not, but it is soon five years since the Laurelin hobbits first met at the Green Dragon on Friday nights! Come celebrate the anniversary with us, hobbits!

The first Green Dragon Friday was held sometime in the month of May 2008. Ever since, hobbits have met weekly in Bywater for songs, dancing, poetry, stories, riddles, gossip, news, quarreling, laughs and a jolly good time. Which is surely something we’ll have during the anniversary celebrations too! Here are the plans!


There are two parties planned:
  • The warmup party on Friday April 26th
  • The main party on Friday May 3rd
Both parties are held at the Green Dragon in Bywater at the usual GDF time (8PM UK, 3PM servertime).
So what will happen at the parties? Although we’ll surely see a lot of the traditional GDF content, not least songs and dancing, here are some things ter look forward to.

Warmup party – Friday April 26th
  • GDF limerick night – bring yer best limericks about the Green Dragon and Green Dragon Friday
  • The Grand GDF Anniversary Meal
  • Anniversary fireworks display
Main party – Friday May 3rd
  • Party held outside of the Green Dragon! (unless the weather is bad)
  • The annual pie baking competition
  • Anniversary speech
  • Arts competition prizes
  • The Green Dragon Anniversary Song
  • Anniversary fireworks display

Two competitions are planned:
  • An arts competition running until April 30th, with prizes handed out during the main party on May 3rd
  • A pie baking competition during the main party on May 3rd
See below fer details on how to enter

How to get involved in the celebrations

If you’re a hobbit, just read below to see if there are ways yer would like to participate. Then just contact Lina and we’ll find a way! Simple!

  • We need limericks for the limerick night on the 26th! So spend a couple of minutes and write one! Just make it about the Green Dragon or Green Dragon Friday!
  • Musicians, especially hobbit bands (with the aid of a couple of dwarves possible) are highly encouraged to sign up.
  • Poets are as always welcome too!
If yer have ideas for other entertainment ideas, don’t hesitate to suggest them! Bear in mind that short and sweet is better than the time-consuming things. Long-lasting stories are unlikely to be accepted.

Else, we will of course need a lot of hobbits to party and dance and enjoy themselves. So do come along to Bywater and celebrate with us!

Who can participate?

Green Dragon Friday is, has always been, and will always be a hobbit event. While a few travelling dwarves are always welcome, longshanks are strongly encouraged not to come.

This may seem harsh. Why do we do it so? First of all, this is in no way based on any ill will towards men or elf characters on Laurelin, neither the players behind them. It is simply that we like to keep these two hours each week somewhat close to the inn experiences you get from books.

This means lots of hobbits. Possibly a few travelling dwarves. Taller people were likely not present at all, and elves were definitely not there. Local residents like Sam Gamgee dreamed of seeing an elf one day. You can bet that he hadn’t ever seen one dancing on the tables in the Green Dragon.

If you’d like to participate, please roll up a hobbit and follow the guidelines in our lorebook, and we’ll have a grand good time together!