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Summertime Poetry Competition

posted May 20, 2021, 4:54 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Nannie

Shall I compare thee to a Summers Day...

The sun is racing ter it's highest point, the crops have well and truely sprouted, so ye know what that means!

Tis time once more fer the battle of our poets, ter see who will this time win the title of Summer-time Bard.

As always - so as many folks can listen who wants ter - we'll be gathering at the Grand stage near Bywater fer a grand night. An the Green Dragon's no too far fer a quick pint or two!

Now in order ter give all a fair chance, ye'll have three topics ter choose from ter create yer poem around. This time ye have...

"Fireworks", "A day in yer life" or "The Party Tree"

Location: Methel Stage, Bywater
When:  Saturday 12th June
Time: 7:30pm ((BST/ 2:30 pm servertime))
Topics: Fireworks, A day in yer life or The Party Tree
Prizes: Summer-Time bard title, plus anything else ah finds lying around the wagon!

All races are most welcome ter take part, fer the craft of poetry belongs to all of us both tall and short. If yer interested in taking part then drop me a message or whisper ter me when ye see's me about

Ah'll look forward ter seeing ye all on the night! Bring a picnic and yer friends, come along and have some fun!