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Spring competition: taming of the Shrew

posted May 27, 2012, 2:39 AM by Byronbrand Stepwise   [ updated May 27, 2012, 3:22 PM ]
After the founding of the "Against Shrew Stomping" society the Bramblebury deputy mayor's office has been flooded by mountains of letters of support. The fact that those all be written by my brother Eronbrand who kept forgetting he sent one before, should not distract us from the fact that there is clearly a enormous amount of unspoken support.

I therefore will rename the aforementioned "Against Shrew Stomping" society into the more constructive "Taming of the Shrew" competition. All Shire folk are invited to sent their suggestions to the Bramblebury Gazette editors of getting rid of the shrew using peaceful means only.

All suggestions will be placed in this article by name. The best suggestion will win a basket filled to the rim with the most delicious pie plus a bottle of Bramblebury wine.

So please sent in your Taming of the Shrew suggestions. Current suggestions in backwards order of arrival:

6. Rubellita Brandybuck from Bramblebury
Writes "Give the Festival Garden in Duillond to the shrews. They can't burrow out, because it is surrounded by rock. Every shrew we catch (with a shrew-friendly trap of course) we bring to Duillond and release it in the Festival Garden. And the elves hold the next festival in another location, so as not to disturb the happy shrew colony."

5.  Miss Daysi from Cornacre
During her burrow warming party she presented the audience with a most ingenious way of frightening away the shrew by installing a gigantic shrewcrow. Shrews will keep away from this terrifying monster.

4. Byronbrand Stepwise
To prevent the shrews from eating your grain crops an ideal solution that works every time. Visit the market and buy a sack of recently harvested barley and empty the content out next to your grain land. The shrews will then eat the more easily accessible food ! Problem solved !

3. Nibs Cotton
Is prepared to renting Waldy the cat for shrew guarding garden activities.

2. Wald Sandson
Announcing the coming of Winter

1. Gaffer Gamgee
Chuck an apple at them.