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Splendid party celebrated in Songburrow

posted Oct 11, 2010, 4:15 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Oct 31, 2010, 4:27 AM ]
As seen through the eyes of a party-goer

On Saturday October 9th there has been a party at Songburrow Hall to celebrate the third anniversary of the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom (the Order). All hobbits were invited, also non-members of the Order, and many of them showed up.

There was a table that almost broke down with the weight of excellent food, most of them pies ofcourse, and everyone was invited and encouraged to tuck in. Compliments went to the cooks that prepared this spread. The guests were not left thirsty either as the serving wenches Lina and Yola took care of their drinking needs.
No anniversary without speeches of course. Kinship chief Miss Rowana told the guests how it all started three years ago now. Glasses were lifted (and emptied)  in many a toast to the Order. And though not quite a speech as such, house poet Master Simbo Rumblebelly treated the guests to some of his work.
After that it was time for another kind of entertainment: the fourth and last concert of a series by the Songburrow Strollers! In a merry mood and full of anticipation the guests proceeded to go to the Songburrow Stage, only a short walk from the Hall. After everyone had gathered close enough to the stage, the Strollers went on stage in splendid costumes and were greeted with an big applause. After a short sound-check, culminating in some shuffling of chairs so that everyone was within hearing distance, the concert could begin! Many a tune was played, some well-known, some more obscure, but all were greeted and rewarded with cheers and ovations from the audience. Some were ballads, others were lively hopping tunes. The chairs were soon tossed aside to make more room for dancing. All musicians excelled in the playing of their instruments, but a special mention must be made of the singer of the group, the lovely Miss Lina Willowwood. With her clear and sparkling voice she enthralled the audience in many a song.

Meanwhile a few elves and a man had come to the gathering. After all, this concert was a public event, unlike the party before it. They were greeted with a bit of reserve, but soon turned out to be good folk as they  joined in the dancing.

As a grand finale there was a magnificent fireworks display of great splendour. It was also performed by the Strollers. They must have taken a leaf out of Gandalf’s book!

In a display of excellent hobbit hospitality, Miss Rowana invited all the concert-goers (Longshanks included!) to come back to the kinship’s Hall for a last drink. I think at least one of those elves went home with a sore head for not heeding to the warning: “Mind yer’ead!”. But then again all of us went home with sore heads, be it for another reason.
After been given the time to admire the splendour of Songburrow Hall and hearing some more of the Strollers songs, all guests were invited to the back room for a farewell brandy. One by one, guests took a mug of brandy from the keg and what happened then... shall always remain a mystery.

My last words: Many happy returns, Grand Order of the Lost Mathom!  To the Order!

Ed. the sketch of the fireworks was made by Zinniamae Zarazola