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Songburrow Strollers fourth farm concert, February 3

posted Jan 29, 2013, 2:57 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Simbo Rumblebelly 

After an extended break to enjoy the many festivities over the Yule period, the Songburrow Strollers are once again back on the farm yard trail, ready to play music to the many hard working farmers of the Shire! 

Date: Sunday February 3, 2013
Time: Meet up from 7:30PM UK/GMT (2:30PM /servertime).
Concert starts at 8PM UK/GMT (3PM /servertime)
Place: Olo Proudfoot’s farm, Hobbiton (Loc 30.3S, 70.6W). Laurelin server!

The Songburrow Strollers are playing today!

Following on from their previous concerts at Longo Burrow’s farm, the Songburrow Strollers are pleased to announce their fourth farm concert which will take place over at Olo Proudfoot’s farm in Hobbiton!

The farm should be a familar sight to many folk, as it is a source of much activity, not just for farmers of the Shire; folks from all across seem to flock here to grow their crops. Therefore it seems only right and proper to celebrate the farm with a concert, and Master Olo Proudfoot has suggested we play at the side of his barn which has ample space for performing, and for dancing!

OOC details

Folks of all shapes and sizes are welcome to attend, although tall folk should be polite enough to stand at the back so as not to block the views of the little folk.

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