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Songburrow Strollers - Fifth Anniversary Concert - 8th September

posted Sep 3, 2013, 11:06 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Simbo Rumblebelly 

Five the toes on little feet 
Five the fingers on your hand 
Five the years that time has marked 
Since the Strollers formed their band 

It was five years ago, at the wedding on Miss Lothilia Bolewood and Master Rurydoc Featherfoot, that a group of three hobbits got together to play a few tunes for the happy couple. Such was the success of the music they decided to form a band, and play their music throughout the Shire. Thus the Songburrow Strollers were born.

Much has changed in five years, and band members have come and gone, but the Strollers are stroll going strong. It is only right and proper that such an anniversary is worthy of an extra special celebration! But where to play? The scene of one of their previous concerts perhaps? Brockenborings? Budgeford? Frogmorton? Bywater? Hobbiton? The answer is, of course, all five!

To celebrate five years, the Strollers will literally be 'strolling' across the Shire, performing five short sets at some of the lovely villages in the Shire. Folk from all over the Shire are welcome to come along and stroll with us!

Date: 8th September
Start Time: 7pm UK time / 2pm Server Time
Start Location: Brockenborings


7:00pm - Gathering at Brockenborings. Serving of celebratory sausages....
7:15pm - Brockenboring concert starts
7:35pm - Walk to Budgeford
7:45pm - Budgeford concert starts
8:05pm - Walk to Frogmorton
8:15pm - Frogmorton concert starts
8:35pm - Walk to Three Farthing Stone
8:45pm - Three Farthing Stone concert starts
9:05pm - Walk to Ivy Bush
9:15pm - Hobbiton Concert starts

((All times are UK times. Subtract five hours for server time))

The route the Strollers will be taking