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Search of the missing chicken

posted Dec 24, 2011, 7:24 AM by Dyronbrand Stepwise   [ updated Dec 24, 2011, 7:30 AM ]
Quite recently Yllisa Greenflower became the happy owner and heiress of my  black hen. It was with heavy heart I departed from this beloved creature earlier this week… very heavy indeed, as I was looking forward experimenting some more with an innovative chicken-and-pie recipe.

The exchange involved the handing over of a modest amount of ten strawberry pies; five of which I consumed with eagerness. Yllisa then continued by giving the animal the somewhat endearing name of “Dyro”… o dear !

Tragedy struck however only just after the handing over of the chicken. As I brought the bird to Yllisa’s house, I noticed Yllisa to be absent ( probably throwing snowballs over at Winterfrost at unsuspecting Man and Hobbit alike ). Thus I decided to tie the chicken to a large tree in the garden, using a piece of string bound to the chickens leg, thinking it would be save there when she got back from her icy mischief.

It seems however that the pet chicken overheard the many stories about our Yule feasting habits, where chicken is indeed one of the main dinner guests… or main course to be more precise. I can only conclude Dyro thought she was next in line of becoming part of that great Yule culinary ingredient and with her razor sharp beak, chewed the string in twain. And escaped again!

All Brambleburians and fellow Shire folk are hereby asked to keep a look at for Yllisa’s chicken. If you see it hopping around, please inform Yllisa with great speed. Especially because I may have to return the other half of the strawberry pies should the dumb animal stays away.