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Princess goes to party with her Knight

posted Feb 1, 2011, 1:34 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Feb 1, 2011, 3:36 PM ]
By Yola Plumblossom   

This weekend, January 29th and 30th, was a busy time for our outfitters, tailors and even vaultkeepers. They had never seen this much demand for dresses, masks, cloaks and actor's materials, in their whole careers!
The reason for all this activity was a notice pinned to a tree in Michel Delving market square:

Rilla Fuzzyfoot invites everyone to her
Grand Fancy Dress Burrow Warming Party

Sunday 30th January
19.00 GMT

2 Pleasant Street, Crest-water, Shire Homesteads

live performance by the

All friendly folks welcome as long as they bring a pie or three!
Come along, meet old friends & make new ones!

Many hobbits and even some tall folk gathered that night in Miss Rilla's garden, all dressed up in fabulous costumes. Being a tailor myself, I had just gotten hold of a particularly fancy dress. I altered it a bit and decided to go dressed up as a princess. I met up with Master Mariedoc, who had outfitted himself as a knight. "A knight, what is a knight?" some asked us. Well, among Men of old a knight was a kind of honorary shirriff, who's job it was to serve and protect the king or, as in our case, the princess.

There were many splendid costumes that night. Too many to describe them all here. There were some pirates, a notary, some animals, monsters, a deputy mayor, and a hobbit! What? Someone dressed up as a hobbit? Yes, but it was an elf who did it, which made it special enough to earn one of the piezes (prices made out of pies) for best costume. Master Tolpan needs mentioning here, as he was cleverly dressed up as a dwarf! Not even Miss Rilla noticed that it was actually a hobbit in disguise, or he would have won a pieze too. What gave him away, was the constant itching of the beard. Our hostess Miss Rilla herself, was dressed up as a goblin: very lifelike and very scary.

After the guests had all arrived and had a few pies, it was time for the main act of the evening. A stage had been erected in Miss Rilla's garden and three hobbits that were dressed up to look exactly like the Songburrow Strollers took their position in the footlights. I think these should have earned piezes too, as they were not only spitting images of the real Strollers, they also performed the music in a fashion that would have put the real ones to shame! Needless to say, the "Strollers" had everyone dancing in no time! And my beautiful dress did wonders for me, as I had the lads fighting over who would get to dance with me!

Unfortunately, the stage was in a kind of awkward position, on top of a slope. Dancers kept sliding of the hill while performing their moves and some even had a nasty bump on their head, I believe. But it may have been part of their mask too. Anyway, for the second part of the show, of  (I must say it again) this splendid rendering of a Strollers concert, all guests were asked to help out and turn the stage to a better angle, facing a flatter part of Miss Rilla's garden. And the musicians did it again and had all dancing and bouncing and having a good time. When taking a closer look, I could spot the differences between these and the real Strollers: "Simbo" 's belly was a little too fat, "Rowana" 's hat a little too extravagant and "Lina" 's hair just a tiny bit too blond. But no one was complaining as the music sounded fabulous and all cheered these equally talented musicians as if they were the real thing.

After hours of great fun it was time to say goodnight and after the concluding fireworks all went to their own burrows, grotto's or treehouses. On behalf of all guests, I would like to thank Miss Rilla for her hospitality and for throwing such a great party!