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Petition offered to Mayor Whitfoot

posted Sep 20, 2011, 4:04 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Sep 20, 2011, 5:00 AM ]
By Peppy Bristlebrush 

On the monday market in Michel Delving business was thriving and not even the rain could lower the good moods of both merchants and customers. Music, played by Miss Lina, created a pleasant atmosphere and hobbit feet started to dance in between the trading.
But an article in this here Gazette about Master Byronbrand declared missing, clouded the mind of some. When the market had almost come to a close, Master Peppy asked if he could say a few words to the gathered community. This ofcourse was allowed and curious faces turned towards the speaker.
Master Peppy uttered his concern about the disappearance of Bramblebury's Deputy Mayor and the lack of a proper search party. Also the intention of his brother to have him declared dead in order to get his hands on the possesions of Master Byronbrand, including his titles! A petition was then read, a petition to the mayor of Michel Delving. It is reprinted here along with the names of those who have signed:

Dear Mayor of Michel Delving, Master Will Whitfoot,

We are concerned citizens of Bramblebury and other homesteads.
Concerned about the fate of our Deputy Mayor, Master Byronbrand Stepwise.
We feel that not enough is being done to find out what has happened to him.
Our Local Shirriff does all she can, but cannot do it on her own.

Furthermore we are concerned that the title of Deputy Mayor
may be inherited by someone who is not democratically elected
by the people of Bramblebury and therefore does not have their trust.

We hereby petition you to:
1. Set up a proper search party to try and find Master Byronbrand
2. To not have him automatically declared dead after October 23rd.
3. To not let anyone take the office of Deputy Mayor without being properly elected.

We implore you to take drastic and adequate action in this matter.


Peppy, Simbo, Lina, Sevelda, Farious, Tessey, Trotgard, Tibba, Latakia, Nimelia, Yllisa, Rhodo, Bibi, Osterby, Marbles, Byco

After a final song and some fireworks, a delegation walked over to the Townhole to present the petition to the mayor. To everyone's disappointment the mayor did not make any solid promises, he just mumbled and nodded.
The community will have to act on their own! Rewards were offered  by members of the community, for any information leading to the finding of Master Byronbrand. A hobbit's dozen of muffins were offered by Miss Sevelda and Miss Tibba added to that the sum of 100 silver.
If anyone has reliable information that can lead to the finding of Master Byronbrand Stepwise, let them please contact the Local Shirriff of Bramblebury, Miss Nimelia stoutfoot.

Ed.: a clearer sketch then made by Master Eronbrand of the missing person, can by found in our colofon