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Party on the 28th of July

posted Jul 9, 2013, 1:10 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Jul 9, 2013, 8:24 AM ]
By Apricot Wellkeg

Hullo friends!!!!  

      I want to invite you all at a party with my friends the 28th of July, at 6 PM (UK), at the elves. It would be in Falathorn, in the neighbourhood Tulusion, Go strait to the end of the way, and turn right. Then you´ll pass through rocks while you descend and you´ll see the house right there (5 Waterbank Road)! I hope to see you all there! We will have food, music, dances, and also games! 

  - Miss and Mister Summer Mellon: there will be a special judge that will select who will be Miss and Mister Summer Mellon, so the ones that want to participate in this contest write a letter to Apri, and prepare your best dresses and clothings!

 - Middle Earth Trivia: lets see if we know of Middle Earth, or just at least as the elves that will be our company. So get to the museum and the Mathom Society to be prepared for any kind of questions!

 - Where are my daggers?: the other day while I was fishing at the river, when two young hobbits paid me an ugly joke, and lost all my things in the river, and now I can´t find them! Would you help me to find them?

  So bring your fishing rods, your nicest dresses, your litte feet ready for dancing and more important, and empty belly for the food and want to have a good time! So you are all invited and hope to see you all there! For anything, you can put on contact with me.

               Apri Wellkeg