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Order of Ceremony - A Hobbit Handfasting Wedding

posted Dec 17, 2011, 3:25 PM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Jan 1, 2012, 1:15 AM ]
On sunday December 18th, Bramblebury stage, Shire Homesteads.

((All times are GMT))

7,30 : Guests start arriving at the stage in Bramblebury and they are welcomed by Amorey and Peppy.  Some calm and soft music will  be welcoming the new arrivals. 

7,45 : Guests  can  take their places  near and around the stage in order to be able to hear the ceremony properly.  

7,50 : Amorey and Peppy withdraw  to change into their wedding garments and get ready for the start of the ceremony.

8,00 : The Master of Ceremony, Master Simbo Rumblebelly  enters the stage and announces the beginning of the ceremony. Musicians start to play.

Wedding Ceremony

  • Exchange of vows
  • Handfasting Ritual
  • Final declaration of love

After the ceremony the bride and groom will  join together in their first dance on the stage. A small  ‘thank you’ speech by Amorey and Peppy will then follow.  Musicians and  friends will be then able to take the stage to perform some happy music and/or poems for the guests. Dances and merriment. Some performances already announced are :

  • A Poem by Master Simbo Rumblebelly
  • A Song by Miss Sevelda  Quickkettle
  • Music by Master Grymrock and The Chosen Few
  • Music by Hobbit Heart
  • Music by the Badgers

All who wish to perform can do so by asking Amorey or Peppy  for the stage.

9,00 :  Group Wedding Portrait : ALL the Guests will be invited to join the Bride and Groom on the stage for a group wedding portrait. Tall people/Elves in the back, leaving  dwarves and hobbits in the front, this will be a chance to all to get creative and get a lovely wedding souvenir

More music and happy dances will follow.

9.30 : Grand fireworks display