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New Shirriff put to the test immediately

posted Oct 24, 2012, 12:52 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Rubellita Brandybuck 

There is a new Local Shirriff in town and his name is Mellam Hollytoes! It was election night again in Oldfurlong and Deputy Mayor Master Wiberic had received the names of no less than five candidates for the position of Local Shirriff of Oldfurlong. Unfortunately only two of them were able to attend the election night.
Bramblebury's Local Shirriff, Miss Nimelia, gave a clarifying speech about what is expected of a hobbit in the function of Local Shirriff. And after that it was the chance for the candidates Baramdoc and Mellam to present themselves and their plans and policies to the voters. A third candidate, Dyronbrand, was represented by Master Bovso who read a letter in name of the candidate. Master Dyronbrands policies were highly controversial and caused stirrings in the audience.
It was time for the audience to question the candidates. "What will the new Local Shirriff do about the hill toads?" was such a question.
Finally the eager people of Oldfurlong as well as their visitors could lign up for the actual voting. One by one they whispered their preference to Deputy Mayor Wiberic. After all votes were counted, he announced: "We have a winner!". But first a new and special song about Oldfurlong was performed by Miss Amorey and the audience was kept in suspence for a bit longer. Cheers of happiness (and relief) were uttered when Master Wiberic announced that Mellam had won the election. A big celebration with lots of music and fireworks started and Master Mellam received many congratulations.
But Master Mellam could not linger and bask in his victory for too long: a local hobbit called upon him for help. You can read his report here. And as it is case number 4 that is now expertly solved, we are very curious about the first three and any following cases.

We wish master Mellam good fortune and wisdom in the execution of his new office, that of Local Shirriff of Oldfurlong!