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Matzo's Great Chicken Run

posted Apr 3, 2012, 2:40 AM by Bovso Oakengates
Matzo's Great Chicken Run 

Where:  Sandson's Farm (aka. Matzo's Farm) 

When:  Tuesday 10th April @ 7:30PM UK 

#A very old, tanned, stiff and crusty hobbit laboriously climbs a stack of crates in the

Michel Delving square, nearly tumbling back to the floor.  He regains his balance and turns

to shout in a gruff tone at the crowd of hobbits and other market patrons.#

Bah, look here.  I don't normally ask you hooligans for anything, because all I'll get from

you is grief.  But in this case I'm stuck.

A kind old lass that I sup with from time to time, has asked me for some laying-hens for a 

buyer somewhere out east.  This fellow must also have a lot of nieces eating him out of house 

and home, since he's asked for quite a waggon-load of chickens.  Problem is that I've already 

sold most of my chickens at market, and I'm left with only a few extra to spare, outside my 

own needs.   Blast it if I'm going to let the old girl down!

So I'm putting the call out, and you'd better not disappoint! Here's what I need from you 

layabouts. I've arranged a waggon for the 10th of April.  If any of you have an extra hen to 

spare, bring them to my farm and I'll pay good silvers for them.  They're only looking for 

egg-layers I'm assured, your precious birds won't end up in someone's pie!  The waggon sets 

off that evening, so make sure you're not late, for once in your life!  I'll teach you a 

thing or two about responsibility!

((OOC:  This is a hobbit-preferred event...oh, I mean chicken-preferred! *chuckle* Other 

character races are of course welcome to offer up their chickens for sale, however they might

find the old hobbit rather untrusting and slightly rude - apologies he is ancient and set in his ways!

He barely trusts the other hobbits living around him!

In order to prepare for this event, you need to visit Wald Sandson at the farm, and complete

the four quests that he gives you. This will unlock the chicken run quests given by George

the Rooster. Once these are unlocked you are ready to go!

If the kin leaders could help direct their members to the Sandson farm before the day of the event,

would be greatly appreciated!

Contact a PotS kin officer if you have any questions before the big day! See you all there!!

~Miralith Shenanigan))

Bovso Oakengates,
Apr 3, 2012, 2:40 AM