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Market marvelous, say merchants

posted Sep 7, 2011, 3:34 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Peppy Bristlebrush 

Two days there was a market in Michel Delving aimed primarily at young hobbit adventurers who needed to equip themselves with better armour, weapons, rations and what more, then that what they arrived with. The initiative of this endeavour came from the lasses that run the “Ale and Leaf” farm in Bartunnel: Miss Tibba and Miss Nimelia Stoutfoot. 
When our reporter arrived at the market there was a jolly atmosphere: people were dancing to good quality music provided by no other then Miss Lina Willowwood of Green Dragon Friday fame. The stalls were manned by merchants offering all kinds of wares. Some clever ones even left the stalls and mingled with the public to recommend their commodities and produce. And there was some bargaining going on: Prices asked were questioned and rebid and then rebid again by the supplier.  Bargaining and negotiating at it's utmost! A truly lively market it was.
But as one of the initiators said, the selling was okay, but the fun was the most important. And all present had lots of fun. There was music, there was dancing and ofcourse, there were pies for sale!
Something that surprised all was the presence of lifestock in the form of chickens. But who was offering them for sale? Where they to be bought at all? One thing is for certain: their presence amused and charmed all and many wanted to take one home with them. Miss Bootsy, who had taken over from Miss Lina, even tried to lure them with the famous “chicken dance” to which they did react with a lot of wing-flapping, which could be interpreted as satisfaction.
The market on Tuesday ended with fireworks, accompanied with appropriate music AND the promise of the initiators that there would be another market in two weeks time! Yes, that is right: all budding adventurers who missed out on this wonderful market will get a second chance soon on 19th and 20th of september. Read this Gazette for the announcement.