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Mayor tackles speeding problem head on

posted Oct 5, 2010, 2:34 PM by Byronbrand Stepwise   [ updated Oct 6, 2010, 11:21 AM ]
A collision between Odo Appeltree and an unknown rider occurred early evening opposite Auction Hall, Michel Delving. Odo was knocked unconsious for about one minute and then woke up exclaiming: "O dear I am surrounded by flying taters. O dear me!"
Yes it happens all too often. A nice conversation with your neighbor, or simply listening to someone singing a song is brutally disturbed by a speeding horseman or woman who storm right over and through you. Without any regard to life or limb it seems.
Why is the Mayor not doing anything about it ! We should have more sherrifs and bounders on the street ! Hence, I gathered all my indignation and walked straight to the Majors office and have an interview with Will Whitfoot.
Mister Mayor, are you going to impose a speed limit ?
What ? O yes and no. Placing limits on speed will only encourage people to break the law and ride even faster. But remember that if I am re elected I shall of course give the situation the attention that it deserves/
But surely people have a right to walk about the streets without fearing for their well being ?
Why no, and yes. As mayor of the Shire I am of course dedicated to the well being and am favourably dispositioned to increase it for all parties concerned. Of course, this includes horse riders as well as they are vital to our economy. For example pie delivery and other important matters, such as pipeweed transportation. Of course if you vote for me at the next election, I shall seriously weigh all the arguments and shall make a decision in due course on how to discuss this further
Please tell your readers Will Whitfoot is on the case! And the people of Michel Delving can walk the streets in safety knowing their mayor looks after them.