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"Luvericks" from the February OAKS contest

posted Mar 25, 2015, 3:51 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Acorne Oakley (and the several poets ofcourse)    

While cleanin my burrow....I happened ta run across a pile of neatly-folded papers.   Bein a lil curious I had ta stop cleanin, sit down and read what I must have folded and put away fer safe keepin....and then I saw them luvericks from the February OAKS!   OH my!!!
With all that's been goin on since then Bullroarer Took Day, Lone Bards Nite at the Dragon, Miss Penina's Salmon Run, and all the yard parties...well ya no how I luv parties wit my friends...  

I plumb fergot about writin them all t'gether fer the Gazette....and that dear editor not once prodded me, believin I wood get ta it sumday soon....or maybee he fergot all about it two??
Well...I gots ta do this now...the cleanin will just have ta wait awhile longer!

Fer those who werent there....on February 23rd we in Oldfurlong along wit our visitin friends was treated ta a grand show wit the Evendim Hillbillies and their guest...the extra-special and my personal favorite... Miss Emylou Haggins. 
We was treated ta music both lively and lovely...which made us smile and even brought a tear ta many a cheek wit all the luverly luv songs.   I must add my heartfelt thanks fer the special song Janco and Pete wrote fer me   *hugs ta ya both*

Gettin back ta the pile of neatly-folded be many fine limericks smitted by the folks that nite!
Like our only luverick from an eluf...Master Finsamidor:

Miss, my love is not as bitter as an orange onion
And that's not just my opinion.
You can ask any lass,
She'd tell: he'll pass.
So, please let me be your stallion.

And anuther from Master Everbrock:

Me old Gammer she suffers with bunions
Now me Gaffer he cured his own ones
So each night before bed
Every day since they wed
He scrubs her feet with ale and green onions

And one from an old gaffer Quillo who didnt quite remember the rules:

There once was a lass from Nantuckett
Who couldn't carry a tune in a bucket
She tried and tried to sing in pitch
But finally gave up and said,
     *** fateful pause ***
"Oh, drat!"

And anuther one from a member of the band..Janco:

I once gave my loved one an onion.
She then shared with me her opinion:
"I love you so much
 but only would touch
that thing as last food in a dungeon!"

Now ta the results of the luverick contest :

Third place was the fishin king himself...Master Ponso Pondhopper
A lass from Overhill way 
Was peeling an onion one day
Her beau saw her cry
And muttered 'Oh My!'
'I've upset her; I'd best go away!'

      Second place was the poem king himself...Master Simbo Rumblebelly

He gazed at the Lass's blue eyes
The Lad swore he'd love 'til he died
But not lips, nor her feet
That the Lad found so sweet
But how she baked onions in pies

First place was so difficult ta decide we had ta give three first place prizes!!!

1-- ya all no her ..ya all luv her..Miss Lina Willowwood:

There once was a young hobbit lad
Whose love life was tragic and bad
It just made him cry
As he said with a sigh
"My onion is making me sad!"

1-- a young lad named Hadosuld who be two shy ta let me put his poem in the paper tho I tried ta get it fer ya  *sighs*

1-- Miss Twynk  wit her 'double' luverick:

I calls this here limerick .....The Wicked Strong Onion
cuz...that’s wut it be about, uf course!!

There once were an onion so strong
That them minstrels had written a song
Cuz it surely did reek
Worse then cabbage er leeks
And the farmers knowed sumfin went wrong

As hard as they tugged it
And smacked it and dug it
It would not come loose from the ground
They could stand it no longer
"Til they found sumfin stronger

And fed it ter a skunk, they did!!!
            -the end-

Thanks ta everyone who entered..these be a mighty fine bunch of luvericks!!!

Warm hugs ta ya and all,
Acorne Oakley