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Local Shirriff Case File Number 17: Timmy's Tail

posted Dec 17, 2012, 12:39 PM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Mellam Hollytoes  

Now this report is different in that all the information comes from interviews with the people involved. The three main protagonists are two young hobbit lads and a cat (who can't speak no matter what his owner says). So below is their tale which shows that hobbit sense starts early.

Now Timmy the cat belongs to Mary Boffin who helps oversee the buying and selling of burrows in the Shire homesteads. Mary had asked for me to keep an eye open for Timmy, as he had been away for over a day. Apparantly Timmy was apt to wander far and wide but Mary was growing a little concerned.

I informed Mary I would keep my eyes open for Timmy and put the word out to the hobbits of Oldfurlong.

Now in an earlier report i mentioned two young hobbit lads Sando and Holben Sandytoes, who live in Oldfurlong. They had a small part in the recovery of another cat but this time take centre stage in this report.

Having read the reward notice for Timmy posted up in the homesteads town square, they both decided to turn detective for a day. The pair it seems knew of a small hole in the hedge at the back of the homestead, which a cat and two hobbit lads could squeeze through.

With this knowledge and a bag of food, two flasks of water, and a stout stick each, the pair set of to find the missing Timmy. They observed paw prints coming and going through the hole, some they thought quite fresh. Crawling through into the field beyond, they set about following the set of tracks they thought were Timmy's.

The tracks led through a copse of trees and up a hill before leading down into a bushy gully. As they got close to the gully floor the brothers heard a cat hissing and what sounded like a dogs growl. The pair pushed thier way through some bushes and what they saw stunned them with fear. A large wolf was throwing itself against a tree, trying to dislodge a very frightened Timmy from the branch he was clinging to. The wolf was a dark grey in colour with glowing yellow eyes and sharp white teeth. It was using its weight to push the slender tree the cat was in slowly over. Sando and Holben was at a loss what to do, and if truth be told wanted both to run. Then it happened; the tree fell with a crash and Timmy tumbled to the ground in front of the wolf.

The wolf lunged and Timmy dodged , then the wolf lunged again and its jaws snapped shut on poor Timmys tail. The cat let go a screech and it looked like this was Timmys last adventure when a stone hit the wolf on the head. The wolf dropped Timmy to the floor a turned to meet this threat with a howl of anger. Standing before it with stones in hand were Sando and Holben. Neither one could let the wolf eat Timmy so they had done a brave thing [Foolish but brave].

Now the wolf slowly moved towards the lads, a low growl coming from deep in its chest. A hungry gleam coming from its eyes as it moved on its new prey. But here's the funny thing the wolf had forgoten about Timmy, but Timmy had not forgoten what the wolf had done to his precious tail. With a scream of anger Timmy suddenly leapt on the wolfs head and dug all four pairs of claws into, ears, snout, and one of its eyes.

Not sure who was more shocked the wolf or Sando and Holben, who now watched as the wolf spun around trying to dislodge the spitting ball of fur attacking its head. Well Sando and Holben joined in aiming a barrage of stones at the wolf, who now sounded in much distress. This went of for a minute or so when the wolf finally dislodged Timmy and under a barage of stones fled up the gully.

Well our three hero's stood in triumph for a few moments , before the smallest allowed it self to be carried back to the hole in the homestead hedge. A greatful owner tended to the scratches and bites of said hero's, and then fed them all till they were fit to burst.

I made a note of this and with a couple of bounders tracked a set of wolf tracks to the Shire borders. Also a hole in the homestead was filled, and a reward was given to two honorary local shirriffs. As for a cat called Timmy, well he was just glad to still have his tail.

Report ends: Local Shirriff Mellam Hollytoes investigating officer.

Signed Mellam