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Local Shirriff Case File Number 14 Part 2: Old Sally!

posted Nov 20, 2012, 7:57 AM by Bovso Oakengates   [ updated Nov 20, 2012, 7:58 AM ]
By Mellam Hollytoes                                           
    So here we are trying to work out what to do, overlooking the long shanks camp from some bushes. After much deliberation we decided to split into two groups to achieve the rescue. Local Sherriff Nimelia and the two bounders Sandy and Pinny, would sneak down to free Belco and the Dwarf. Me with Dargo and Denkin would create a diversion and also rescue Old Sally the pig. As Nimelia pointed out Belco would not escape without Old Sally.

Well as you all know a hobbit can sneak about if they want, especially at night. So we made it down to Belco and Old Sally without being noticed. We had agreed that the signal was two shrew squeaks to let one another know when each group was in position. 
The long shanks must have thought it was a shrew invasion, as squeaks echoed out of the night. Well as Dargo and Denkin coaxed Old Sally out of the her pen, I headed to the barrels of pipe weed. 

Well for some unknown reason I had a blue firework in me pack, so thought I could use this to start a fire. I thought the barrels and boxes the long shanks had piled up would make a good bonfire. While they were dealing with that we could make our escape, and bring a full compliment of bounders to deal with these long shanks.
A small barrel caught my eye with what appeared to be black peeper. I jammed the firework into the barrel and wedged it in amongst the others.

More shrew squeaks filled the night indicating everyone was waiting for the diversion to start, so I lit the firework and headed for Dargo and Deakin. A shout rang out as the firework fizzed, followed by screams of terror. For some reason all the long shanks were running for the river. I had just reached Dargo when the camp behind me lit up with a bright light, followed by a loud boom. All of us were thrown to the ground and Old Sally took of towards home at pony speed. Not wanting to wait, me, Dargo, and Deakin, ran as if a troll was behind us. We saw Nimelia, Sandy,Pinny, Belco, and the Dwarf running in front. The bounders were blowing their horns, and in the distance we heard others replying.

Well we made it to Woodhall and safety, and the whole village was up when we arrived. Bounders from the surrounding area including farmer Maggot and his dogs, all arrived over the next couple of hours. I also found out the dwarf ( whose name was Teffi Copperaxe), had been grabbed the day before Belco. He had been heading to Bywater with some barrels of ale for the Green Dragon.

Well It was decided to wait for dawn before heading to the long shanks camp. Sandy and Pinny set of with Belco to take him home, and spread the word to the other bounders on the way. Well we had about twenty hobbits and one dwarf all heading for the long shanks camp at sunrise. Bows were notched and it was a grim mood we all were in as we came to the camp, only to find it completely empty. All that remained was some burnt barrels and tents, but not a long shanks insight.

We looked for tracks which all lead to the river, but no sign of a long shank any where. Belco had been reunited with Old Sally and all the other animals recovered and handed over to grateful owners.
So this case was over with more questions than answers, but a happy ending for a certain pig and her owner.

Report ends: Local Shirriff Mellam Hollytoes, investigating officer. 

                                    Signed Mellam