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Kin-house theft

posted May 20, 2013, 12:56 PM by Bovso Oakengates

Discovered this morning, the kin-hole belonging to People of the Shire, has been broken into and, not only the house chest empied of all there contents - but the secret Pie chest has also gone missing.

Mayor of Oldfurlong Wiberic Tentoes made the terrible discovery as he went to refill the chests and sort through the older pies. It is not known when this terrible crime took place, though a source does suggest it was a recent happening as the pies had last been counted over three weeks ago.

The Shirriff's are taking action, and now have the chests secure under lock. They hold out little hope of the items being returned, but are on the look out for any hobbit sleeping off a very heavy meal or being too free with coin out of character.

Mayor Tentoes warns all other Kin-holes in the homesteads to be sure and check the is not known if the thief will strike again.

Jadite Bumblefoot