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Hobbiton Egg Hunt

posted Mar 17, 2013, 11:23 AM by Yllisa Greenflower

Michel Delving - written by Wiberic Tentoes

People of the Shire will host an Hobbiton Egg Hunt!

Date:April 7th, 2013
Time:5:30 PM (UK time)
Location:The Party Tree, Hobbiton, The Shire

Event details:

We will gather at 5:30 PM (UK time) and spend approximately the next twenty minutes explaining the rules and organising groups. At 5:50 PM, we aim to set off. Please be back under the Party Tree by 6:50 PM at the latest.

Everyone will be given the same list of five egg locations (these locations will all be in and around the Shire and Bree-land). In these locations, there will be hidden hobbits waiting for you with an egg related item. You're welcome to use stable horses and mounts. Once all items have been collected (or as many as you can find!), return to Wiberic under the Party Tree. One member of your group should approach him and hand over all your group's items.

You can search solo or in a group consisting of 2-3 members. If you have trouble finding a partner/group, talk to Wiberic who is happy to help. While there will be a little time before the event to sort teams, please contact Wiberic (mail or /tell) preferably before hand with your team members, and if you like, a team name.

There will be prizes for the first team back with all "eggs", as well as second and third runner up prizes!

OOC details:

Please remove all weapons.

Hobbit preferred, but we will welcome other folk that are well behaved.