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Harvest Festival has belated start

posted Oct 20, 2010, 2:13 AM by Yola Plumblossom
It took the party-planners some more time to get things organised, but now we can finally say: the Harvest Festival has begun! It is the time to learn some new dances, play games of trickery or games of chance, all for your pleasure. Festival activities are held in Duillond, Thorin's Hall, the Bree Festival Grounds and ofcourse in our very own Shire, under the Party-Tree!

Inhabitants of the Shire, be warned that the roads to Hobbiton will be busier then usual for the duration of the festival. Also some Outlanders drive their horses recklessly and sometimes even through farmland fields. This is highly undesirable, especially now, with the harvesting of crops taking place. Second Shirriff Bodo Bunce assured us that high fines will be given to persons getting caught.

The first night of the Festival there was a big crowd of all races gathering around the Party Tree. Among them a few familiar Bramblebury faces: the Stoutfoot lasses, Miss Tibba and Miss Nimelia. Being somewhat famous for their own unique style of dancing, the lasses were found near the Dance Leader. No doubt they meant to pick up a few new steps and dances. But not only were they there to better their own dancing, they were also helping out others who had difficulty in getting it right. For this they are both recommended for the Helpfull Hobbit Award!

But unfortunately, there were some incidents too. Some nasty and rude person threw a stinky-bomb among the dance-contestants which made them all faint and fail the class! The Bounders were immediately alerted, but they were too busy directing the traffic to investigate. At another moment in time, the dance leader was under attack by a man in black armour who kept slapping him en beating him up. Luckily, some members of the public promptly came to his rescue. They were a hobbit lass called Aceria and an elf warden called Perylas. Together they chased the miscreant of the Party-grounds. For this, these brave ones are also recommended for the Helpfull Hobbit Award. And luckily poor Oger was still able to continue his series of dancing classes.

Festival time may be a restless and troublous time for us Shire inhabitants, with all them longshanks and stoutfolk running about like being chased by bees. But on the other hand it is good for our traders who can make some extra profits. And ofcourse it also means lots of fun and parties to attend! And don't forget: everyone can now learn how to dance in several styles. Now you never have to stand by while others do the hopping, instead, you can participate!