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Green Dragon Yule Day Party

posted Dec 24, 2015, 5:39 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Lina Willowwood     

Barmy has decided to open the doors on the yule day this year! So if yer would like to celebrate yule by attending a relaxing party at the local inn, yer are very welcome to Green Dragon Friday this yule day!  

Date: Friday December 25th 2015
Time: 8PM ((UK time, 3PM servertime))
Location: Green Dragon Inn, Bywater

While we fully expect that many hobbits will be busy celebrating yule with family and close friends this Friday, traditions vary even in the Shire. Some do the bulk of their celebrating the day before, others may finish earlier in the day, while others again don't celebrate yule that much at all. Whatever yer reasons, though, yer are heartily welcome to the Green Dragon yule day party!

Depending on how many attends the party, we may not last the full two hours of a regular Green Dragon Friday. Here is what is planned, though:
  • Mulled cider! Barmy will be keeping the kettle on all night, so yer can help yerselves to soothing spicy mullied cider.
  • The yule pork feast! A festive day calls for a festive meal, and few things are as festive as pork (unless yer have a live one living in yer study or somet...). Barmy will be cooking up a 3-course menu, served all night.
  • Yule stories and poems
  • Yule songs
  • Perhaps a yule riddle or two?
  • All the latest hobbit news, of both yule and beyond!
  • Good-natured banter with your hobbit friends, old and new!
So do come for a mug of mulled cider, good company, a story, a dance and tender pork with all the trimmings. If yer have entertainment and news to share, that's grand too! Welcome, hobbits! And a very merry yule to everyone!

((Please note: Green Dragon Friday is a roleplaying event for hobbits. While travelling dwarves are always welcome at the inn, for lore reasons we generally ask that the Big Folk do not attend. Please roll up a hobbit instead to attend, it is grand fun!))