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Green Dragon Friday is Seven Years Old!

posted Apr 26, 2015, 2:49 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Lina Willowwood  

Oh, how them years fly by. It is now seven years since the Laurelin hobbits started meeting at the Green Dragon every Friday night, for musings, music, mead and merriment. Come celebrate the anniversary with us, hobbits! Here are the party plans! 


There are two parties, both held at the Green Dragon in Bywater on the LOTRO server Laurelin, at the usual time of 8PM UK/BST (3PM servertime). Here are some of the things planned (subject to change):

The warmup party on Friday May 8th
  • The Grand GDF Anniversary Meal (seven courses!)
  • The Grand GDF Green Outfit competition (see below for rules)
  • The Grand GDF Three-Farthing Stone Honeybrew Bounce Dance!
  • GDF-inspired poems, songs, riddles, limericks and stories
  • The Grand GDF Anniversary Fireworks Display
The main party on Friday May 15th
  • The Grand Annual Pie Baking Competition! (see below for rules and signup)
  • The Grand GDF Rug Competition awards ceremony (see below for rules and signup)
  • The Grand GDF Pony Dance! Bring yer ponies for a dance outside the inn!
  • The Grand Anniversary Speech
  • GDF-inspired poems, songs, riddles, limericks and stories
  • The Grand GDF Anniversary Fireworks Display

As always, Green Dragon Friday is home to many hobbit performers. This time, we ask our performers to:
  • Prepare riddles, songs, poems, limericks or similar that relates to the Green Dragon, Bywater, Green Dragon Friday and/or its patrons.
  • Sign up in advance for a given date by sending me a letter, so you are guaranteed a spot. Given the other activities planned these Fridays, there will be little to no room for on-the-day sign-ups.
  • There is likely most time available for entertainers during the warmup party on May 8th.
If there are grand performances, we reserve the right to provide small prizes to those we like the best.

Rug design competition (closing date: May 7th)

In honour of the 7th Anniversary of Green Dragon Friday, there is a competition to design a new dancing rug! (since the old one is rather worn...). See the full announcement in the Bramblebury Gazette!

Here are the rules:
  1. Design a new rug. Make a drawing ((either 700 x 450 pixels or 450 x 700!)) of how you'd like the new rug to be. If you could, please just draw the rug, no backgrounds or surroundings.
  2. Give your design a name and provide a short written description.
  3. Send your design to before the warmup-party. So closing date is May 7th. Please mark the envelope ((=mail subject)) "Design a rug competition".
  4. Don't forget to mention the name of your design, the short description and your own name as competitor.
On May 8th all designs received will be printed in the Gazette for all to see, in a special article. A team of judges will pick the winner(s). They will look at design, description and name and how well they all correspond. They will have the entire week to come to their choice.

On Friday May 15th, the winner of the competition will be announced during the Main Party of the Green Dragon Friday 7th Anniversary.

Green Outfit Competition (no sign-up, just wear a green outfit during the warmup party on May 8th)

It is Green Dragon Friday, after all! So celebrate by wearing green!

During the warmup party on May 8th, there will be a "stealth" outfit competition running through the night. A jury of mysterious hobbits will choose which outfits they feel celebrate the spirit of Green Dragon Friday the best. Prizes will be awarded near the end of the night.

The only rule? Your outfit has to have a green theme! That's it! It won't have to be fully green (I hear good things about yellow...), but the main colour must indeed be green. Apart from this, feel free to try express GDF through your chosen clothes or cosmetic items (including hand-held items). There will be no sign-up for the competition, just come dressed in your best greens.

While the competition will only run on May 8th, it is of course grand if yer wear green during the main party as well.

Pie baking competition
(sign up before: May 14th)

As usual, there will be a pie baking competition! To enter the pie baking competition, please do the following:
  1. Be (or create) a hobbit on the Laurelin server
  2. Sign up in advance! Contact me and say that you’d like to enter the competition with a pie. There will be a limited number of spots open. So send in your pie letter as soon as possible to be sure!
  3. Come to the main party in the Green Dragon on Friday May 15th at 8PM UK time. The competition will likely kick off near 30 minutes after the event starts. Failure to show leads to instant disqualification
Rules on the night: Be prepared to do the following when called up by the jury:
  • Describe how your pie looks, by one single emote text (for instance, a rather sad pie could simply be described as “ /e shows a truly bland pie, devoid of any redeeming qualities “).
  • When prompted by the jury, answer this one question
  1. What are the main ingredients in your pie? Give a short description of that in /say, for instance “Well, I used those moldy strawberries I found lyin’ near them dogs in me Gaffer’s backyard”). A maximum of two short sentences! No long descriptions!
Try to keep your answers fitting to your character and the LOTRO universe, yet most of all short and simple in case there are many participants! Also, avoid power-emoting and describing how good your pie is (for instance, avoid variations of “this is clearly the best, juiciest and most fabulous pie you have ever laid your eyes on” ). Finally, remember that all pies should be edible and not poisonous, but they don’t necessarily have to taste good…

The top pie bakers will get to choose among some fine prizes, as well as be awarded a title and likely get honourable mentions in the Bramblebury Gazette. There will likely be some special prizes for others too!

The names of the judges are currently kept secret, to avoid the danger of bribes!

Who can participate?

Green Dragon Friday is, has always been, and will always be a hobbit event. While a few travelling dwarves are always welcome, men and elves are strongly encouraged not to come.

Why so? First of all, this is in no way based on any ill will towards men or elf characters on Laurelin, neither the players behind them. It is simply that we try to keep these two hours each week somewhat close to the inn experiences you get from books.

This means lots of hobbits. Possibly a few travelling dwarves. Taller people were likely not present at all, and elves were definitely not there. Local residents like Sam Gamgee dreamed of seeing an elf one day. You can bet that he hadn’t ever seen one dancing on the tables in the Green Dragon.

In short: If you’d like to participate
and we’ll have a grand good time together!