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Grand Summer Picnic and Songburrow Strollers Concert

posted Jun 16, 2013, 1:40 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Jun 16, 2013, 1:40 AM ]
By Lina Willowwood 

Good things come in two! Unless we are talking of biscuits, where three (jars) are best! Still, this years Grand Hobbit Summer Picnic also sees the start of The Songburrow Strollers’ picnic tour! 

We are pleased to invite all hobbits and good friends to this year’s summer party and picnic. This year, we’ll even do it during the midsummer festivities! Activities to look forward to include music, dance, food and drinks, fireworks, likely a competition of sorts and the odd few surprises!

The picnic will also see the start of the new tour of The Songburrow Strollers, who will play at various picnic location over the coming months. So come bounce the night away with them green-clad musical hobbits!

Date: Sunday June 23rd
Time: Picnic start 7:30PM UK (2:30PM servertime). The concert starts in the latter part of the picnic.
Place: On top of The Hill in Hobbiton, where the pie races used to be held in old days.

((OOC information

This is certainly a hobbit-preferred event, but well-mannered dwarves and good friends from taller persuasions may surely pop around too. Just don’t block the view of the locals once the concert starts!

During the concert, the Strollers are likely to play a lot of songs related to food and the midsummer. Bring yer appetites!))

The Songburrow Strollers are playing today!